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The movie depicts the origin story of Arthur Fleck as circumstances transform into his ego ' Joker.. Portrayed by different actors throughout movies and Batman #1, ' Joker was the arch-nemesis of the super hero Batman of DC comics. ..

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Set in the early 1980s in decaying, crime-ridden Gotham City, Joker depicts Arthur as victim of violence. ... The indictment of Wayne, and the intertwining of Joker's with Wayne family and Batman's origins, raises inevitable questions about Bruce Wayne's earliest years and what kind of..


But the most Joker is by Brett Cullen who portrays Thomas Wayne, doomed father of Batman, as condescending jerk.. The first was Tim Burton's 1989 Batman, and it took about five minutes to set up Jack Nicholson's Joker as gangster driven to insanity after being dipped in toxic chemicals. ..

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The King of Comedy was about boy who fancied comedian, fronted by Johnny Carson-like host Joker is much the same, the presence of Robert De Niro then the loser, now the host making the link even more obvious.. ... Moonlight won the Best Picture Oscar Joker seems way too incendiary to..

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Todd Phillips Joker is bold, daring vision through the eyes of psychologically disturbed individual, Arthur Fleck. ... Joker never allows the narrative to deviate from Arthur Fleck's point-of-view, and it forces the audience to maintain that same view as well.. ..

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Phillips's is the first film adaptation to detail, in protracted, devotion, Joker's backstory, absent Bruce Wayne. ... Appropriation can be consolatory response to structural frustrations, causality that shooter might appropriate particular Joker for their own racist, misogynistic,..

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new film starring The Joker is out in theaters today. In this video I step in to expose Joker for what he is and clowns for what they are... For one thing, Joker's not even funny. Additionally, you should not trust clowns. ..

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Thirty years ago, Jack Nicholson's Joker was driven to become Insane Giggler because he fell into vat of chemicals and came out with grin. ... People going to line up this weekend to Joker, only to find that there are neither Batcaves nor torturous moral dilemmas involving the potential..

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By neurological condition that causes him to laugh at inopportune moments, In this film, lawless, pre-gentrified New York of the late 1970s early 1980s, Joker is would-be stand-up comic called Arthur Fleck. ..


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Joker has always been Batman's antagonist, and the film amounts to little more than series of grievances. Joker steals more from The King of Comedy and Taxi Driver, Scorsese's terrific meditations of loneliness and despair. ..

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The LAPD said in a statement to CNN that it is aware of the public concerns surrounding the premiere of the 'Joker.' . ... 'We want all our guests to enjoy the 'Joker' for the cinematic achievement that it is. ..

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Film 'Joker Reviews What the Critics Are Saying. hours ago. Film Venice Film Review 'Joker. 3 hours ago.. ... Film Toronto Film Festival 'Joker, 'Ford Ferrari, 'Hustlers Among Big Premieres. ago. ..

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