virtual tour of kabul afghanistan

While it's you may be touring Kabul anytime soon, tonight act as tourist and student as our virtual guide takes us around the city for rare look into the capital of Afghanistan.. Our virtual tour will experience the most historical parts of Kabul such as Babur, Darul Aman Palace, Eidgah..

when the taliban takes kabul

When the Taliban takes Kabul . . . Damon Linker . . . Illustrated | REUTERS, iStock . . ... After nearly 20 years, there is little evidence that the local authorities alone will be capable of defending against a Taliban onslaught against Kabul. ..

afghanistan war: construction management in kabul.

Army, stationed at Camp Phoenix, working with a small team assigned to build police stations throughout Kabul for the Afghan National Police. ... I took him around Kabul to show him our projects and introduce him to the Afghan police commanders and contractors who were working with us. ..

statement on attack at kabul university

The University of Windsor extends its deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the deadly attack at Kabul University this week.. ... This followed the killing of 24 students and injuring of more than 100 at another Kabul last month.. ..

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