welcome to kashmir

'Welcome to Kashmir one of my Kashmiri friends sighed and exclaimed and it exhibits the situation here he opined.. ... Many are of the opinion that Kashmir is integral part of India yes, it's 'integral part for those. ..

india’s settler colonialism in kashmir

With the issuance of more than 430,000 domicile certificates to Indians to settle Kashmir and increased military deployment Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir, BJP government seems set to introduce more changes in the region. ... In fact, both Kashmiris and Pakistan have lost and gained..

radical readings on kashmir

Her book Kashmir Conflict India, Pakistan and Unfinished War traces the historical origins of the conflict and argues how Kashmir is evolving as never-ending dispute. Further reading The Hanging of Afzal Guru edited by Arundhati Roy Resisting Occupation Kashmir edited by Haley..

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