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kenya boosts security after terror warnings

It was the bloodiest attack Kenya's history, surpassed by Al-Qaeda's bombing of the US Nairobi in 1998 that killed 213 people.. Kenya is contributor of troops to African Union Mission Somalia, which in 2011 drove Al-Shabaab out of Mogadishu and other urban strongholds after months-long..

kenya: vaccine requirements violate rights

On November 21 Kenya's cabinet secretary for health, Mutahi Kagwe, announced that beginning December 21, authorities will require anyone seeking government services to provide proof of full Covid-19 vaccination. ... Kenya, with population of 27.2 million and population of 55 million,..

when kfc came to kenya

Figuratively speaking, Kenya was also at the heels of countries that were bearing the brunt of the impact of unhealthy diets and so-called 'lifestyle diseases. ... For all the proliferation of shiny complexes Kenya's capital, economy accounts for 80 cent of all jobs.  ..

al shabaab's threat to kenya

Because of this dynamic, it seems the group is more likely to take any explosives it could devote toward VBIED attack Kenya and use them to conduct attacks against Kenyan forces Somalia to make their Somalia as uncomfortable, as possible. its ability to use Kenya as hub for its..

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