Intelligence: Kremlin ‘pleased' with Helsinki summit

The assessments, based on broad range of intelligence, indicate that Kremlin believes July 16 summit delivered outcome than it had expected, and that Moscow is perplexed that Trump is not delivering more Russia-friendly policies in its aftermath... ... Trump has called for warmer relations with..

Kremlin comments on upcoming Putin-Trump meeting

Moscow expects some political will to be evinced during the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump Helsinki to normalize bilateral relations, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in interview published on the web site of RT television channel on Monday, ... ..

why the kremlin is waltzing over “matilda”

You can detect Kremlin's 'wait-and-see approach in the media, says Andrei Akhrangelsky, editor of Ogoniok magazine, emphasizing the different opinions about the film without coming down on any side.. One theory is that Kremlin is using the dispute to divert attention from this year's of..

the kremlin may call it treason

Putin's return to Kremlin, Russian parliament has rammed through raft of laws tightening the screws on civil society, the government kicked out USAID, and opposition demonstrators are facing unwarranted criminal charges. ..

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