the kremlin is all the more comfortable in crimea

In the eyes of Kremlin, the acquisition of Crimea was opportunity to correct historic mistake when, in 1954, Soviet Nikita Khrushchev transferred Crimea from Russian Soviet Socialist Republic to Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. ... Former  Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, left, gives..

triangular ufo over kremlin - photos

Home > Photos > Triangular UFO Over Kremlin. On the night that their errant rocket over Norway created in UFO community, it appears that Russia may have have gotten visitation of their own. Seen here is still picture from video purportedly of massive, triangular shaped UFO said to hover for..

kremlin blessed russia’s nra operation

Kremlin has long denied that it had anything to do with the infiltration of NRA and American movement. ... Alexander Torshin, Russian central bank official who spent years courting NRA leaders, briefed Kremlin on his efforts and recommended they participate, according to the report. ..

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