an outline of kurdish islamist groups in iraq

Abstract This article outlines the history and genesis of Kurdish Islamist groups Iraq. ... Particular attention is paid to the links between various groups, their transformation or splintering into new organizations, and the role of the non-Kurdish Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood in spawning..

kurdish self-administration under fire

It should be noted that Ras al-Ain — known as Sere Kaniye in Kurdish — is seen as the gateway to other areas in northern Syria and to the east of the Euphrates. . ... Other Kurdish political analysts and journalists believe that the self-administration should remain as is and proceed..

our kurdish hero…the terrorist?

In the month, the name and image of General Mazloum Adbi, the commander of Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF, has become well known to Americans. ... There was, however, one major hitch — PYD was affiliate of Kurdish Worker's Party, or PKK, Kurdish group that has been..

the greatest danger in the kurdish crisis

The in Kurdish crisis is not in the tremendous loss of life, as tragic and shameful as that may be. The in Kurdish crisis is Turkey's attempt to break up otherwise Kurdistan straddling Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria into Bantustans à la Israel and South Africa.  . ..

kurdish solidarity demonstration in oxford

MEMBERS of Oxford's Kurdish are holding in the centre this evening.. Kurds and supporters announced plan to gather at Martyr's Memorial at the bottom of St Giles at 7pm.. ... She said Turkish forces had invaded the region to effectively cleanse Kurdish people who defeated ISIS. ..

turkey fined for closure of kurdish newspaper

By decree as the state moved to crush all forms of opposition following in, TURKEY has been ordered to pay compensation to the owner of Kurdish newspaper shut 2016.. ... While it published statements from PKK and articles which suggested solutions to Kurdish question, these could be..

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