turkey’s kurdish sweep backfires

Due to Turkey's with Saudis and UAE, those Gulf countries began to attach more importance to Kurdish issues and to give more support to Kurds. In May 2018, team from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and UAE was also in the area for meetings with Syrian Kurdish groups. ..

pence visits iraq to reassure kurdish allies

I also welcome the opportunity on behalf President Donald Trump to reiterate the strong bonds forged in the fires of war between the people of United States and Kurdish people across this region, during his meeting with Kurdistan Nechirvan Barzani.. ... The first official drew distinction..

our kurdish hero…the terrorist?

In the month, the name and image of General Mazloum Adbi, the commander of Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF, has become well known to Americans. ... There was, however, one major hitch — PYD was affiliate of Kurdish Worker's Party, or PKK, Kurdish group that has been..

kurdish retreat hands syrian town to turks

Kurdish-led forces were allied with Americans in the bloody, yearslong campaign that ended Islamic State group's rule over nearly third of Syria.. ... Khalil, the in Kurdish-led forces, said that the forces will withdraw from zone about 75 miles wide and 20 miles deep between Ras al-Ayn..

the greatest danger in the kurdish crisis

The in Kurdish crisis is not in the tremendous loss of life, as tragic and shameful as that may be. The in Kurdish crisis is Turkey's attempt to break up otherwise Kurdistan straddling Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria into Bantustans à la Israel and South Africa.  . ..

the genealogy of the kurdish question

The men signed Secret Protocol which provided for the creation of Kurdistan not in Kurdish territories of Turkey, except in Aramaic and Arab territories of Syria . ... According to PKK, the son of President and Head of Intelligence of Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government, Masrour. ..

kurdish families flee syria for iraq

BERDARCH - With array of armies zeroing in on their homes Kurdish families have been joining fellow Kurds across Iraq to escape rockets and bombardment.. ... From the early hours of Turkey's third offensive against Kurdish People's Protection Units in northeast Syria, Zoueida, husband and..

kurdish solidarity demonstration in oxford

MEMBERS of Oxford's Kurdish are holding in the centre this evening.. Kurds and supporters announced plan to gather at Martyr's Memorial at the bottom of St Giles at 7pm.. ... She said Turkish forces had invaded the region to effectively cleanse Kurdish people who defeated ISIS. ..

the new kurdish nationalism

In particular, the actions of United States, have created the conditions for the revival of Kurdish political aspirations. ... The fluidity of physical boundaries between Kurds, the creation of Kurdish-run governments such as KRG, the emergence of diaspora communities, and the rise of..

turkey fined for closure of kurdish newspaper

By decree as the state moved to crush all forms of opposition following in, TURKEY has been ordered to pay compensation to the owner of Kurdish newspaper shut 2016.. ... While it published statements from PKK and articles which suggested solutions to Kurdish question, these could be..


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