187: the rise of the latino vote

While the initiative was meant to keep the  immigrant threat  at bay, it mobilized non-immigrants and immigrants Latino communities and their allies across the state. ... While the initiative was meant to keep the  immigrant threat  at bay, it mobilized non-immigrants and immigrants..

latin america/caribbean archives

He spoke about achievements of the office during this administration, major amendments to adhere to global treaties and changes in NAFTA, the introduction of geographical indications, and the ascendance of IP rights Latin America... ..

biden holds big lead among latino voters

Joe Biden leads President Trump 62% to 26% among Latino registered voters nationally, and his lead trails Hillary Clinton's advantage with this voting bloc at this same stage in 2016, according to new NBC News Wall Street Journal Telemundo poll.. ..

black & latino unity picnic - isthmus

It's family-friendly and features folk dances and live performances, including spoken word by Damion and DJ Latino Fresh. ... The event is part of overall grassroots effort to promote unity and collaboration between Black and Latino Communities 100% Family friendly, 100% Free, 100%..

latino americans

Filmmakers document the evolution of Latin American from the 1500s to the present, interviewing close to 100 people. ... Latino Americans serve their country during WWII and still face discrimination at home... ..

is biden losing latino voters?

It should not be hard for Biden to get Latino voters support. Slate Plus members get ad-free versions of all Slate podcasts, plus extra segments, bonus episodes, and more. ... Democratic operatives who specialize Latino voter outreach sounding the alarm Biden campaign assumes..

latin america

Latin America's economy entered the pandemic before it could heal from its in decades... ... There are four main channels through which Coronavirus shock to China's economy may be felt Latin America... ..

latin america and covid-19

The number of  COVID-19 cases Latin America and Caribbean has positioned the region as the epicenter of the virus. ... The management of this crisis in the US, and Latin American states like Brazil and Mexico, has broader impacts. ..

fuse media, voto latino encourage 2020 turnout

multichannel.com%2Fnews%2Ffuse-media-voto-latino-encourage-2020-turnout, 'socialSharefacebook, 'width=500, height=500, 'noopener ) return phoenixTrackClickEvent phx-track-id=. ... By registering and voting this, By once again partnering with Voto Latino Foundation, our that November they..

'hispanic,' 'latino,' or 'latinx'? survey says...

., title. pie chart showing that most Latino adults have not heard of the term \. ... And when I travel abroad, for example, I might say that I'm American because most people Europe, for example, may not be aware of the distinctions between Hispanic, Latino, etc. ..

a survey from latino decisions reveals latino

For many Latino parents, their unfamiliarity with the matter and assignments being taught plays in providing their children with the academic support they need, said the survey.. ... As schools make plans for the fall session developing strategies for implementing suggestions could improve the..

latin american virus cases top 5 million

Latin America and the Caribbean surpassed five million coronavirus cases on Monday as the World Health Organization warned there might never be a 'silver bullet' for the pandemic. . . ... Citation: Latin American virus cases top 5 million (2020, August 4) retrieved 4 August 2020 from..

takeout review: el sabor latin kitchen

At first glance, the menu at El Sabor Latin Kitchen, Penn Avenue's newest spot, seems to reflect the same bill of dishes you would expect from Latin American chain restaurant some classic dishes, with Americanized twist. ... At the time, they want to work in more authentic pieces of..

ways of resistance in latin america

At the end of Ben Dangl's first book, The Price of Fire Resource Wars and Social Movements Bolivia, he wrote, Neoliberalism has dug its own Latin America, and new alternatives, are evolving in its place.. ... The product of that exploration is Dancing with Dynamite Social Movements and States..

latino style icons

The New York Giants receiver has been regular at Fashion Week for the past few of seasons, and is just one of the many different Latino celebrities in this country you should pay close attention to for personal style. ..

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