the lebanese uprising continues

It has unified the Lebanese people, across all religious groups, on a class basis for the first time in recent history. . About one third of the Lebanese population took to the streets in all regions starting on October 17, just after the imposition of the new taxes. ..

lebanese festival

The Australian Lebanese Association will hold its first community on Sunday November 10.. ... The festival will also mark the contribution of Lebanese Anzacs in two world wars.. ..

lebanese pm hands in resignation letter

said Toufic Gaspard, economist who has worked as adviser to IMF and to Lebanese finance minister... majority of Lebanese income is in Lebanese pound, their savings are in Lebanese pound and their pension is Lebanese, and it's certain it has already started to..

cultural traditions: the lebanese zaffe

we do not celebrate we can relate to Lebanese zaffe, as we too dance and sing in the street along with second line brass band on the way to the reception.. So, whether you're Lebanese or New Orleanian, you ca not go wrong with letting the good times roll.    . ..

austerity talks fuel the lebanese streets

Dozens of Lebanese military and security veterans burned tires and shouted outside government offices on Friday, their second protest in less than two weeks amid fears budget may affect their pensions and benefits... ... On Friday, -owned Lebanese University also protested potential cuts..

president meets lebanese pm in egypt

President meets Lebanese PM Egypt... President Nicos Anastasiades held bilateral meeting with Lebanese prime Saad Hariri on the sidelines of EU-Arab League Summit Sharm El Sheikh on Monday to discuss regional issues and cooperation between the two countries.. ..

u.s. delivers missiles to lebanese army

The United States has supplied Lebanese military with more aiming to support it as the sole, legitimate defender of country where the heavily armed, Iran-backed Hezbollah holds major sway.. ... The leader of Hezbollah, last week he was ready to secure air defence systems for Lebanese..


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