the general and libya

The General and Libya . Sunday, 21 April 2019, 7:31 pm . Column: . The richly disastrous mess that is Libya has been moving into another phase of inspired aggression at the hands of General Khalifa Haftar. ... In a phone call, Trump “recognised Field Marshal Haftar’s significant role in..

deaths in libya fighting rise to 220

Women take part in Friday, April 19, 2019, Tripoli, Libya. BENGHAZI, Libya — Fighting between Libyan forces for control of Tripoli escalated in the couple of days, spokesman for Libyan National Army said Saturday, including combatants and civilians, since the group declared major..

taking the wrong side in libya

NEW # Haftar's advance into # Tripoli threatens the stability of # Libya's city, and of the entire country. ... Libya needs end to the fighting, and the more support and Haftar receives from outside governments the less likely it's that the war can be brought to end... ..

france’s double game in libya – politico

Italian officials insist they understand Libya's complex social dynamics better and contend that Haftar will not be able to command the loyalty of Toubou and Touareg tribes that dominate southern Libya or the multiple localized factions in the northwest of the country.. ... By air..

what is happening in libya?

In August that year, Libyan House of Representatives accused the General National Congress government, elected in 2012, of being under the control of the extremists and declared the government of Libya.. ... Haftar and LNA have refused to recognise the legitimacy of UN-backed GNA and continue..

dfa urging filipinos to leave libya

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Embassy Tripoli, Libya met with Filipinos reently to convince them to return to Philippines, Department of Foreign Affairs said.. ... Last April, DFA raised Alert Level III Tripoli and adjacent districts amid the rising tension Libya... ..

dyer: haftar’s last throw in libya?

With Khalifa Haftar's forces stalled outside the capital, Tripoli, the eight-year omnishambles Libya is approaching climax. ... There is, however, division between Libya and western Libya that underlies the manifold rivalries of tribes and clans in both parts of the country. ..

121 killed in libya clashes: who

Members of Libyan National Army commanded by Khalifa Haftar, get ready Benghazi, Libya April 13, 2019   Photo Credit REUTERS... ... On Sunday, he met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al- Sisi Cairo, where the duo were discussing the latest developments Libya according to state..

why southern libya overwhelmingly supports hifter

Despite the complexity of Libya's, the key southern region, has now seen return to the rule of law with Hifter's military advances in the south.. ... We have not heard of kidnappings or thefts spokesperson for Fezzan Libya Organization, civil rights group based Sabha, told Al-Monitor on..

baxter mulls over options against libya

Stuart Baxter will wait until the eve of next month's Africa Cup of Nations against Libya to decide on his approach for match that South Africa do not have to win.. ... Bafana and Libya played to 0-0 draw in their first-leg clash late last year and North Africans have suggesting that..

libya: displaced population can’t go home

Most of the 48,000 former residents of Libyan of Tawergha, displaced for seven years, have not been able to return home. Despite reconciliation agreements that should have paved the way for Tawerghans return, the massive and deliberate destruction of the town and its infrastructure, and pervasive feeling of..

breaking: 140 nigerians arrive from libya

About 140 Nigerians deported from Libya, yesterday, arrived Lagos aboard Airline 737 at Cargo Wing of Murtala Muhammad International Airport at about 10.30pm on Tuesday.. The Assisted Voluntary Returnees consisted of 39 adult females, 76 adult males, 17 boys and and 8 girls arrived Nigeria aboard..

lionel richie rocks libya – seriously

Are we expected to believe this Reuters report that describes Libya by Lionel Richie on the anniversary of the US bombing raid that killed Ghadaffi's daughter as taking place, in park-like compound, dotted with tents, low-rise residential buildings and security encampments. ... Organizers of the..

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