photos: 48th annual lions tournament

Maine Gladiator Mite Red team gathers prior to the game of the 48th Lions Tournament at Norway Savings Bank Arena Auburn on Friday. ... Haley Stretton, 7, of Greene gets help from father, Kyle Stretton, prior to the game of the 48th Lions Tournament at Norway Savings Bank Arena Auburn on..

when lambs become lions

Jon Kasbe's When Lambs Become Lions is that rare documentary that enables you to answer that question in the negative. ... As mentioned, what stands out about When Lambs Become Lions is its remarkable intimacy. ..

q&a with british lions

Ahead of both the album release and the US tour, I was able to spend few minutes talking to Richard Taylor, separately, and lead singer, Steve Harris, bass player of British Lion. ... MS I did get moment to speak with Richard last week, and I wanted to get your take on this Do you feel that, of..

sea lions steal small vessel

Footage of two Steller sea lions commandeering small boat Olympia, Washington has gone viral.. ... The answer is that the number of sea lions needed to sink boat depends on how much the boat weighs, how much each sea lion weighs, and how much water the boat displaces when it's..

detroit lions

We have another extremely competitive matchup in NFC North this week with Detroit Lions set to host Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Green Bay Packers host Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field with first-place implications in NFC North Division at stake. ..

'lions', waterhouse share spoils

Waterhouse first bowed their head disappointment as Mikhail Harrison, in for Humble Lion, did well to deny Stephen Williams right-footed effort from in the 12th minute.. Waterhouse applied consistent pressure and camped out Humble Lion's quarters on the resumption, forcing scramble from..

dances with lions - isthmus

The team from Colorado Asian Cultural Heritage Center won third place in the lion dance at the competition held Madison last week... ... We see lion dancing where we help them celebrate martial arts culture, says Nelson Ferreira, president of United States Dragon & Lion Dance..

lions coach irritated and displeased

He admitted the defeat ranks with the nadir of his career at Lions since joining November 2012... ... Lions days at the top of South African pile appear numbered.. The in which Bulls inflicted this defeat can leave the folks at Ellis Park in no doubt that Lions are no longer..

lions attack zebras again

By pride of lions this morning, In what's become in some parts of Africa, group of zebras has been attacked, leaving two dead.. ... The zebras, minding their own business, and not being bother to anybody, were drinking water at well-known watering hole when the lions - or, to be accurate,..

lions make carter signing official

Lions make Carter signing official . . Staff . . . . . . Reilly changes CFL landscape, creates big excitement in B.C. . . ... Lion. . The colourful receiver signed a one-year deal with B.C. on Wednesday, the second day of CFL free agency. . ..

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