We like to listen to things that are orchestrated, not entirely random rustling and muttered deprecations. . ... One might say that from 1965 what we hear when we listen to much recorded music it is something that is entirely different than what could be heard were it not for extensive..

pay attention to your attention

In both cases, writes Jha in her new book, Peak Mind Find Your Focus, Own Your Attention, Invest 12 Minutes Day, we paying attention. ... The feeling of intense focus, is indicator that it's time to take step back and ask if your attention is directed... ..

obey token - obey giant

In the future, we expect to have physical, digital, exclusive, and or limited-edition releases. ... How can I get $OBEY $OBEY will be distributed to pre-existing NFT holders and made available for limited times on Obey Discord. ..

We burst echo chambers with unpersonalized news.

By presenting news with diverse perspectives we are reducing information overload. Machine learning and NLP algorithms detect distinct perspectives in the sea of information.