loki episode 2 review – loki vs the apocalypse

Loki enters the fair with Mobius and Hunter B-15, senior agent who mistrusts Loki. ... The character appeared in Dark Reign comics in the 2000s, and given both the comics and the series have confirmed Loki is Genderfluid, it makes sense that this is Loki in another..

review of loki tv show

Loki ★★★★ . Disney+ . Loki might be the god of mischief, but the universe has pulled a ripper of a prank on him this time around. ... Loki, though, makes you feel like you are having lunch with Wilson and Hiddleston. . ..

loki trailer reaction

So Marvel went ahead and dropped the trailer for Loki yesterday sending the internet into tizzy. ... The version of Loki that's running around in this trailer is version from reality where Loki got his hands on the space stone at the end of Avengers movie.. ..

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