rachel lord

it's wonder anyone good ever puts up their hand for politics. 5 hours ago by Rachel Lord... ... As human rights lawyer, Rachel Lord took dim view of Israel Dave Sharma, served as Australia's ambassador. ..


In just his second feature, Brandon Cronenberg, son of David, has delivered the great sci-fi horror movie of the decade with Possessor. ..

divine protection

According to the opinion of R Eliezer, it's understood that the mitzvah commemorates the miracle that Hashem performed, providing Divine protection by means of Clouds of Glory. ..

author guidelines

article proposal should describe the article's purpose, its core thesis, the research or evidence the author will draw upon to support it, and the specific value the article will deliver to our audience of business professionals. ..

street writer

Street Writer is homage to Street Fighter II, except with some NYC writer friends battling it out in some famous book locales.. ... Tags writer author games gaming streetfighter... ..


Jill Neimark is writer based Atlanta, Georgia, Scientific American, Science, Nautilus, Aeon, NPR, Quartz, Psychology Today, and The New York Times. ..

possessor (2020)

For those seeking the more horror beats that Possessor's promotional material promises, you need not worry, feel indulgent as the messy ending plays out. ... Bourne Identity, with smatterings of body-horror and tech talking points, Possessor succeeds because it's wearing Brandon..

divine vienna

Austria's capital has character and history as opulent, attractive, diverting, and delicious as one of its iconic cakes or infamous inhabitants — from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Sigmund Freud.. ..

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