charlotte lyft groping: lyft driver accused of

CHARLOTTE, N.C - Lyft, Adnan Razzak Mohammed, has been charged with battery after passenger accused him of groping her while he was driving her home... ... She hopes Lyft goes step further and wants the ride-share company to add option to choose between male or female driver.. ..

how uber and lyft got lost

The contrast between boosting driver numbers now and scaling through autonomous vehicles long term is creating chasm for Uber and Lyft. ... Bolt, which has grown in areas that Uber and Lyft were slow to target such takes 15% commission from its drivers while also charging customers..

uber, lyft floating $21 minimum wage

Transportation Bruce Schaller, said Uber and Lyft's proposal discounts significant amount of drivers work.. Uber and Lyft did not say how their floor would impact their bottom line, except Lyft pointed to data that showed most drivers already earn well above that floor major..

uber, lyft losses limit competition

In this Friday, March 29, 2019 file photo, Lyft co-founders John Zimmer, front second from left, and Logan Green, front second from right, cheer to mark trading on Nasdaq exchange under the ticker symbol. ... Until then, U.S is to continue, giving Uber and Lyft the luxury of focusing on..

uber and lyft drivers launch strike

Shout out to Uber & Lyft drivers going on strike today. Drivers for Uber and Lyft protesting their classification abjectly shitty tactic that allows the companies to avoid certain employee-based responsibilities including fair pay. ... I stand with the Uber and Lyft drivers..


Chicago office park landlord is offering Lyft rides to and from rail stations for its tenants employees, helping address companies need to attract workers. ... The pilot program with Lyft launched March, and RTA is picking up 25 percent of the cost, up to $30,000. ..

lyft stock falls after ipo move

Lyft stock falls after IPO move . Staff, news services . . . NEW YORK – Lyft's shares slumped almost 12 percent in their first full day of trading following the ride-hailing company's initial public offering of stock. . ..

lyft shares surge in trading debut

Friday morning, surrounded by employees, drivers and their families, Lyft founders Logan Green and John Zimmer rang Nasdaq at Los Angeles. ... We want them to be able to make decisions Sean Aggarwal, the chairman of Lyft's board and the company's first investor, said in interview... ..

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