macron fails to buy off protesters

Emmanuel Macron's attempts to buy off rioting Yellow Vest protesters who have been holding France to ransom have FAILED as unrest is set to continue today and culminate in another major rally on Saturday.. ... And on the bigger political stage French far-left opposition party Jean-Luc Mélenchon..

macron: young, charming and cold

Macron's dilemma was that the mass protests with at least 100 injured and over 400 arrests, was not waning. ... France, the land that gave humanity the slogan of 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity had before Macron's May 14, 2017 climb to Presidency, had some one of the labour laws in the..

trouble for macron?

Macron's labor market, tax and other reforms have already improved the long-term growth potential of French economy... ... Macron's party may not do well at European next May.. Thus, despite the spate of protests, Macron will be able to implement some further reforms in the..

emmanuel macron

At age 39, Emmanuel Macron became the in the history of France, dramatically reshaping the country's politics in the process. Macron served Francois Hollande's government and later became Minister of Economy. ..

trump ups pressure on macron

Writing on Twitter, Trump had been keeping eye on Saturday's demonstrations across France and refrained from showing sympathy for Macron. ... It's time to listen to French, on BFM television, suggesting that Macron, on Tuesday, would call for grassroot debates throughout the country on..

mohammad bin zayed meets macron

Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed meets Emmanuel Macron. Image Credit WAM Abu Dhabi His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of UAE Armed Forces, yesterday held talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, on bilateral relations and..

why macron attacked trump

In radio interview last Tuesday, Macron called for Europe to raise European army, to defend against U.S., Russia and China.. ... The aspect of Macron's statement is that the reason U.S pulled out of INF treaty, 000 kilometers, is that Russia was breaching it. ..

mothers against macron

This time, educated mothers across the world took umbrage at Macron's remarks, and started posting their accomplishments alongside pictures of their families on Twitter, with #PostcardsForMacron.. ..

emmanuel macron got it right

Hosting Sunday that marked the anniversary of the end of World War I, Macron focused on the war's nationalism, contrasting it with patriotism that he declared to be the exact opposite. ... Macron's words seemed to be aimed at two practitioners of nationalism who were present Sunday..

macron leads ww1 armistice commemorations

Under gray skies falling rain, joined Macron in walking the last stretch of Champs Elysees to Arc de Triomphe, where the ceremony was held. ... Macron opened Paris Peace Forum, which seeks to promote multilateral approach to security and governance avoid the errors that led to the..

macron in the elysée

In protest against Macron's reform plans, the rail workers plan to strike two out of every five workdays until the end of June. ... he is member of Republicans, like Macron the mayor of Le Havre attended ENA school and he is said to share many of the president's views. ..

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