emmanuel macron set to lose majority

Macron's forces from securing majority of seats, setback that could complicate his second term, New York Times reports... ... Macron's coalition 205 to 250 seats in National Assembly, the lower and more powerful house of Parliament — more and less than half of all seats... ..

zelensky discusses defense cooperation with macron

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his French Emmanuel Macron have discussed cooperation and interaction on the path to Ukraine's European, Ukrainian leader wrote on Twitter, citing Ukrinform... Continued dialogue with French President Emmanuel Macron. Discussed cooperation,..

macron: french president targeted with tomatoes

Fruity near-miss for France's Macron, targeted by tomatoes . Newly reelected French President Emmanuel Macron narrowly avoided being pelted by what looked like a small sackful of cherry tomatoes Wednesday as he waded through a boisterous and packed crowd in a market northwest of Paris. . . ...

macron won't save the eu - spiked

Brussels saw Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen as representation of the existential threat posed by populism... ... Given the levels of desperation on display among European leaders, it's no wonder EU responded to Macron's with sigh of relief ' EU delighted over Macron win, ran..

macron wins re-election

Centrist Emmanuel Macron has been re-elected French with estimated 58.2% of the vote, while his far-right Marine Le Pen, took 41.8%. ... Macron would be French 20 years to win second term, since Jacques Chirac in 2002. ..

macron win relieves french researchers

Macron's lead in the polls closed towards the end of the campaign, making National Rally win more likely than ever before.. ... By minister for energy and minister for ecology issues, But the topic of ecology received attention in speech by Macron Marseilles on April, in. ..

emmanuel macron defeats marine le pen

This time, however, public opinion polls predicted closer race, ing Macron's lead smaller than the margin of error, leading left-wing rivals to call on voters to back Macron and keep Le Pen from surprise victory.. ... President Macron is leader of the center and true friend of..

france's macron wins reelection

French President Emmanuel Macron celebrates with supporters in front of Eiffel Tower Paris, France, Sunday, April 24, 2022. ... The five-year term for the centrist spared France and Europe from the seismic upheaval of having firebrand Marine Le Pen at the helm, Macron's challenger. ..

macron wins re-election in france

French people do not usually swoon over their presidents Macron is the president re-elected in two decades   There are continued memories of Chirac and Sarkozy   Macron is just 44-years old and has made some blunders such as proposing in the age for retirement--changes in hard-won social..

macron courts marseille voters

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron held campaign rally Saturday Marseille, touting his environmental and climate accomplishments and future plans in bid to draw young voters. ... Marseille's young voters, are engaged with climate issues — point which Macron hoped to capitalize..

emmanuel macron - project syndicate

May 27, 2021 Emmanuel Macron, et al emphasize the need to achieve four goals order to ensure the continent's recovery.. ... Feb 3, 2021 Emmanuel Macron, et al urge birth of collaboration that is as inclusive as it's effective.. 46 Add to Bookmarks. ..

waiting for macron

Beyond these unique circumstances, Macron also benefited from the radicalization of both the left and the right. ... Around 29% of Fillon voters are preparing to vote for Macron, and 16% supporting Éric Zemmour, the new far-right rival to Le Pen. ..

french leader macron berates the unvaccinated

French President Emmanuel Macron addresses media conference at the conclusion of EU Summit Brussels, Friday, Dec 17, 2021. ... Macron's goal is to draw all the attention and make his contenders disappear, on Trump model, political communications Philippe Moreau Chevrolet tweeted.. ..

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