macron, orbán, and us

Macron this week sent magistrates to the offices of a French paper, Mediapart, in search of leaks. ... Having each experienced the frustrations of power, could Macron and Orbán come to a modus vivendi on the Large Questions before them? ..

france’s macron in egypt

France's Macron Egypt Zawya MENA Edition France's Macron Egypt 11 hours ago... ... Entissar Amer, wife of Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi meets with Brigitte Macron, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, at Cairo, Egypt, January 28, 2019 in this handout..

macron must handle protesters carefully

Sanchez ©Gulf News French President Emmanuel Macron's handouts to Yellow Vest protesters have damped the fervour somewhat, and failed to stop the regular eruptions of violence, so now Macron and his government have decided to wield heavier stick. The shift from conciliatory tone towards..

emmanuel macron

At age 39, Emmanuel Macron became the in the history of France, dramatically reshaping the country's politics in the process. Macron served Francois Hollande's government and later became Minister of Economy. ..

macron condemns violence after protests

For Macron's government, it was the scenes of violence that marked the day, as protesters clashed with police on Seine riverside and on pedestrian bridge.. ... Macron has promised national debate on the wide range of issues raised by the movement, including taxation, the cost of living,..

macron losing his voters

Particularly in the light of the last events of the year, Macron's words are joke. Because if there's one thing that's uniting French at the moment it's the rejection of Macron and his government. ..

merkel, macron urge ukraine seamen freed

Merkel, Macron urge Ukraine seamen freed. Russia must release Ukrainian sailors who were seized last month, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron have demanded.. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron have demanded..

the implications of macron implosion

By the foremost western banking clan, Seeing Macron from this perspective, he is just boy and little full of, having been implanted, Rothschild family, to help salvage what can be salvaged i.e., milk to the bones French and by association, European Social system, what's left of it. ... This..

macron slams trump

French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday criticised US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw American forces from Syria, saying ally must be reliable... ... Macron also paid tribute to Defense Secretary James Mattis, who was resigning on Thursday after Trump's Syria..

the yellow vests shake macron

The images of the police chased from Arc de Triomphe, have spread across the world, crystallizing the political crisis and destabilization of Macron's rule... Protesters take to the streets against Macron Charente-Maritime At the time, before December 1, support for the movement had led..

french generals accuse macron of 'treason'

French generals accuse Macron of 'treason. Migration Pact gives French citizens have another reason to 'revolt. Published 2 hours ago. group of French military generals have written letter to Emmanuel Macron accusing French President of committing treason by signing the UN migration..

how emmanuel macron sparked a climate riot

And Macron went forward with another round of austerity and deregulation, this time coupled to Republican-style tax cut for the rich. ... The posture of Macron-style politics is to perpetuate the unequal status quo try to make limited progress on social goals like climate change so long..

french protesters 1 macron 0

French protesters Macron 0 pm, December 5, 2018. This entry was posted Global warming and climate change policy, Rafe. ... Responses to French protesters Macron 0 cuckoo #2879160, posted on December 5, 2018 at 1 27 pm. ..

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