medicaid ‘unwinding’ sows chaos in states

Medicaid disenrollment rates of people reviewed along blue-red political divide, from low of 10% Illinois to high of 65% Texas... ... In a 2020 class-action lawsuit against Tennessee that seeks to pause Medicaid eligibility review, Medicaid program, trying to ensure their..

louisiana sheds 160,000 from medicaid coverage

Louisiana has shed over 160,000 people from its Medicaid rolls since federal protections keeping the intact during the pandemic ended April, data. Some people are able to reapply and get back on and it's not issue, said Courtney Foster, Medicaid policy advocate for Louisiana Budget..

rogers doctor facing medicaid fraud charges

All payments for Medicaid services to Hyatt were suspended by the Office of Medicaid Inspector General, according to Feb 24 letter Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette obtained under Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. ... Between January 2019 and June 30, 2022, Hyatt billed more..

florida sued over medicaid terminations

Yellow Striped notices to let Medicaid enrollees know what they need to do to keep their Medicaid, or if no longer eligible, how to transition into other health coverage like Affordable Care Act Marketplace or Florida KidCare. ... We're just asking the court to order the state to no..

state fights medicaid eligibility allegations

Medicaid enrollees must be given and adequate notice detailing the reasons for termination and how they can challenge the action, and they must be given opportunity to make their case before prior to termination of their Medicaid coverage, .. ... But there was In exchange for the money,..