medicaid bill could reinstate coverage

Collins, said people were working and did not have the means to report to Medicaid that they were working... ... Collins also said Medicaid will go back to how it was two years ago, and the next step is to make sure insurance is reinstated for those. ..

medicaid funds ok'd on house's second try

Without vote to spare, Arkansas House passed the appropriation for Medicaid program on Tuesday, overcoming opposition from some Republicans. ... The state pays 7 percent of the cost of Medicaid expansion program, with the rest of the money coming from the government. ..

tossed off medicaid? reapply

Work requirements # Medicaid # Arkansas are gone 175,000+ people can rest tonight knowing that tomorrow they'll wake up with healthcare. invalidation of Arkansas's work rule for Medicaid coverage means just that — no reporting is required to receive benefits, except those. ..

judge blocks medicaid work requirements

District Court judge Washington rejected Trump administration's efforts to require poor people on Medicaid to be compelled to seek work in exchange for health benefits, blocking Kentucky program for time and saying rules in effect Arkansas cannot stand, Washington Post reports.. ..

utah officials spurn voters on medicaid

SALT LAKE CITY Utah passed sweeping changes to Medicaid Monday, cutting the number of people covered half and adding work requirements that Trump administration is expected to approve.. ... Lawmakers plan would extend Medicaid coverage to additional 80,000 people, just over half of those...

medicaid for all?

Is single-payer system more likely to resemble Medicare or Medicaid.. ... Over one third of Medicaid spending is on dual enrollees.  Medicare's success today is product of diverting Medicaid dollars.. ..

medicaid, schools top list for legislators

New Democratic governors Kansas and Wisconsin will be joining Democratic executives North Carolina and Montana in pushing for expanded Medicaid programs. Republican lawmakers passed measures preventing him from withdrawing Wisconsin from the lawsuit challenging Affordable Care Act or from..

why medicaid eligibility impacts savings

In particular, household with 20 percent probability of Medicaid access saves about 2 percentage points more of its refund than similar household with no chance at Medicaid, ... For example, at 80 percent simulated probability of Medicaid, the savings rate is 5 percentage points..

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