mcconnell to trump: health care's all yours

�I look forward to seeing what the president is proposing and what he can work out with the speaker, � McConnell said in brief interview Thursday, adding, �I am focusing on stopping �Democrats Medicare for none� scheme.�. Senate leader spent untold weeks and months on the..

all care for all people

Medicare for All bill in Senate and Pramila Jayapal's upcoming House, The Medicare for All Act of 2019... bill comes close, and it's not there yet it lacks is comprehensive coverage. ..

the truth about ‘medicare for all’ proposals

Under Section 212 of House bill, federal funds are to be transferred and appropriated from Treasury in such amounts that Secretary of HHS estimates would have been appropriated and expended for Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP and other federal health programs... Under Section 901 of Senate..

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