warren acknowledges medicare for all will displace

Her way of paying for the plan: premiums that would normally be paid to private health insurance would instead be funneled to Medicare.  . ... Warren believe she has a plan for that too! . 'So, if you've had a chance to read the plan, no one gets left behind,' Warren said when confronted..

democrat warren: medicare for all would not raise

NEW YORK WASHINGTON - Democratic U.S Elizabeth Warren on Friday proposed Medicare for All plan that she said would not require raising middle-class taxes one penny, how she would pay for the healthcare overhaul.. ... Medicare for All legislation stands little chance of passing..

can warren escape the medicare trap?

And I'm not going to criticize her for engaging in bit of realism after all, the case against Medicare for All is political.. Journalists have been badgering Warren to get specific about how much taxes would have to go up to pay for Medicare for All. ..

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