suing meta in kenya

The petitioners, Kenyan rights group Katiba Institute, and Ethiopian researchers Fisseha Tekle and Abrham Meareg, argue that Meta failed to employ safety measures on Facebook platform. ... The treatment of staff at Meta's subcontractor for content Africa, Sama, is also the subject of. ..

irish watchdog fines meta

Along with the fine, the commission also imposed on Meta a range of corrective measures. ... Last year, the watchdog fined Meta's chat service WhatsApp 225 million euros for violating rules on sharing data with other Meta companies... ..

meta on macrumors

Meta has scrapped the development of its health and messaging-focused smartwatch, in abrupt end to the company's plans to directly compete with Apple Watch. ... Facebook parent company Meta today announced that it's raising the price of its Meta Quest 2 reality headsets by $100,..

meta plans significant layoffs

Facebook-parent Meta is planning the significant layoffs in its history according to The Wall Street Journal.. ... The profitability is driven by Meta is spending to build version of Internet called the metaverse that remains years away.. ..

meta is suing meta for naming itself meta

-or- and I am going to go out on limb here someone did search and found the Meta was some kind of installation assumed there was no way other parties would confuse or conflate them. This should be open-and-shut case, and the egregiousness of Facebook's actions is severe enough that judge will..

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