steve mnuchin digs at greta thunberg over economy

But Trump administration officials were not inclined to take advice from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin took shot at Thunberg, during press briefing Davos two days later... Mnuchin followed up after pause, saying, It was joke... Mnuchin's comments come two days after Trump,..

mnuchin won't hand over returns

Mnuchin added that requests from Congress must serve legitimate legislative purpose and that the request from Democrats does not.. ... It looks like Mnuchin is ready for the fight this is rejection, said Steve Rosenthal, expert at Tax Policy Center. ..

on lawrence: mnuchin risks 5 years in jail.

I do not know what the procedure would be to arrest Mnuchin and Director of IRS. Chris Rizek, Treasury Department lawyer who practices at Caplin & Drysdale, said Mnuchin�s letter struck him as disingenuous, noting that Congress lays out in IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 that..

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