is modi using israel’s tricks?

This way, he hopes, the conscience should be forced to ignore India's worst record of human rights violations and acknowledge Kashmir as part of India and ratify Modi government's move to end the special status of the State of Jammu and Kashmir by amending Article 370 of Indian on August 5, 2019.. ..

eight years of modi sarkar

Modi is invoking he was very concerned about rising 'Hate in the society and this is what led him to ban RSS in the aftermath of Gandhi. Modi leads the pack by giving the dog whistles of Hate, 'if there was Aurangzeb, Shivaji also emerged Those down below and around his ideology-politics..

comedian modi at city winery

Join Israeli-born Modi at City Winery Philadelphia for night of laughs.. ... Born Israel, Modi moved to United States at the age of seven. Modi worked as banker and had no plans to become comedian until one open night changed everything.. ..

india's farmers vs. narendra modi: "modi and the bjp

We have decided to visit the states and tell the farmers and the ordinary people that the policies of Modi government going to destroy this country, said Balbir Singh Rajewal from Bhartiya Kisan Union, the largest farmers India... ... India and the farmers protests Solidarity mounts against..

is modi ready to lead?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking to erase his reputation not just Hindu majority. ... During campaigning in Indian state of Assam, Modi railed against Bangladeshi migrants. ..

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