mueller changed everything

Before the release, many Democrats adopted a wait for Mueller stance, basing their anti- Trump strategy on the hope that Mueller would find the much-anticipated conspiracy.. ... We gave the investigator -- Mueller -- what he needed, White House said, and we are not obligated to..

mueller, barr spat ruptures

The rift fueled allegations that Barr has spun Mueller's findings Trump's favor and understated the gravity of Trump's behavior. ... The revelation that Mueller, who'd been silent for the investigation, was agitated enough to send letter to Barr. ..

mueller report

The Mueller report says that Sanders told the team that her words were slip of the tongue.. ... Democratic House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler, also speaking on ABC, said Mueller's report outlines culture of lying at White House... ..

mueller report

From left Jared Kushner, Felix Sater, William Barr, Donald Trump, and Robert Mueller .. The long-awaited report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller provides additional details on Trump-branded project Moscow and the 2016 meeting between Jared Kushner and Russian bank executive.. ..

the mueller bandwagon

The flow of traffic on and off Bob Mueller bandwagon has been swift this week.. ... But Mueller's credibility was not enough for the left. we have cadre of voices on the right, who have accused Mueller of being part of Deep State, and nothing more than hatchet man. ..

mueller media madness

On MSNBC, Trump would fire Mueller, Nicolle Wallace quoted Trump ally who said that Trump's fate was sealed with Mueller's appointment, Steve Schmidt called the story perhaps the greatest crime American history, and Malcolm Nance was still saying this weekend that Trump's actions could..

the mueller report

In today's podcast, we look at Mueller Report. What do we know, what do not we know, what does it mean for Trump, and what it means for Democrats going forward.. ...  , Robert Mueller... John Aravosis is Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. ..

mueller report: russia responds to the mueller

'We saw some sort of squeeze, some summary (of the Mueller report), which, however, does not say anything new — except for the recognition of the absence of some kind of collusion,' Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said at a weekly press conference on Monday, according to a translation. . ..


Or, maybe Russiagate gang will pull fast one at the hour, and accuse Robert Mueller of Putinist sympathies, and appoint prosecutor to investigate the prosecutor. ..

the mueller delusion

Flynn's sentencing will now be delayed until next year so he has more time to cooperate with Robert Mueller's special counsel probe into Russian interference. ..

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