elon musk as kingmaker

Along the way, Musk has opened the door to bigots, crackpots, conspiracy theorists, charlatans, and the insane of every stripe, while displaying his own brain worms on regular basis... ..

elon musk · thejournal.ie

Musk says he will step down as Twitter chief once he finds 'someone foolish enough to take job. More than 57% of users who voted in Twitter poll Musk posted on Sunday night should step down. 11.6k 16.. ..

hardcore musk

Earlier this year, May, during pre- Musk era, that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, was poised to change the Twitter in content, and ideology. Earlier this year, May, during pre- Musk era, that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, was poised to change the Twitter in..

elon musk is elon musk-pilled

At this point, I think Musk would say, How high... Those personal interests are disproportionately Texas, just like his political donations, I think Musk would say, How high.. After all, and local tax breaks on Giga Texas, Musk's new Tesla, Musk saved about $64 million...

elon musk on macrumors

Twitter CEO Elon Musk today met with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple Park campus Cupertino, California, according to tweet shared by Musk this afternoon. ... Walter Isaacson, the biographer of Steve Jobs, is penning book about entrepreneur and business magnate Elon Musk, according..

elon musk surrenders - thestreet

Faced with flood of impersonators and the mass withdrawal of brands which have suspended promotion of their products and services on the platform, Musk has made about-face.. ... Musk faces lot of challenges and the important and urgent is to convince advertisers that the social network..

twitter, inc. v. musk

/n does preliminary analysis reveal that Twitter's or spam accounts exceed 10% of mDAU, Musk Parties estimate that false and spam accounts make up even more significant portion of mDAU that actually see ads based on Twitter's own data regarding engagement among its userbase. ), 150 (. ..

target: musk

Zillionaire Elon Musk's glorious red-pilling has, predictably, made him Public Enemy Number One of the garbage ruling caste. Instantly, the immune system sprung into action to purge the body of the truth pathogen that is Elon Musk. . ..

musk on my mind

NO sooner than Elon Musk said this, he blocked Public Citizen, organization standing up to power and greed, on Twitter, the popular social-media platform he had just bought for $44 billion.. ... Musk now clarifies in tweet, By speech, I mean that. It still does not answer important..

musk in the henhouse

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your turn, elon musk

In conversation with Wall Street Journal, Musk condemned Biden so-called Build Back Better bill. ... Musk is the richest man in the world, leaving even Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates in the dust. ..

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