iran accidentally takes out one of its own warships

“The incident took place in the perimeter of Iran’s southern Bandar-e Jask port on the Gulf of Oman during Iranian Navy drills on Sunday afternoon, in which 19 sailors were killed and 15 others were injured,” Iranian state media said, quoting the navy. . Trump: Obama led 'biggest..

the road to a new cold war with china

Obama administration hoped to use the Trans- Pacific Partnership agreement to impose free-market rules on the region, bolster American alliances and redeploy 60 percent of Navy to contain China's increasing assertion of military in its seas.. Obama administration was unable to redeploy..

jacqueline fell

While DC, Jacqueline has covered some major news stories, including President Obama's second inauguration, Pope's visit and Navy Yard mass shooting. ..

tricks of the trade

In March, the Navy quietly killed its climate change task force, an initiative set up under President Obama. Navy officials told reporters the task force’s mission is “no longer needed.” . . ..

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