deep state-nazi hidden axis

The international stage, contacts, banking networks, and legitimacy BIS provided, first to Reichsbank and then to its successor banks, has helped ensure the continuity of immensely powerful financial and economic interests from Nazi to the present day... ..

is nazi gold real?

Nazi Gold The Sensational Story of World's Greatest Robbery - and Greatest Criminal Cover-Up ., remains skeptical when such stories surface in the media  . ... Tripartite Commission for Restitution of Monetary Gold, could not complete their work until all Nazi gold on record had been..

ukraine’s neo-nazi problem

It used to be in West post-WWII that Nazi swastika would for evermore remain symbol of barbarism and evil, and that wherever and whenever it appeared it would become the duty of all right-thinking people to take stand against it. ... The in which Ukrainian and Nazi Stepan Bandera is in..

darwinism in nazi propaganda

Darwin, that Darwin's theory was the foundation for eugenics and theory, of course, were central features of Nazi worldview. ... But one might object that Nazi use of Darwinism was strategy That is, Hitler and other Nazis co-opted dominant in the service of their insidious political..

the brief – who’s nazi here? –

Accordingly, West is accused of using Nazi criminals for projects such as the US nuclear bomb and missiles project or in Cold War against Russia.. ... we cannot fail to think about Nazi rallies from the 1930s.. The Z, painted in white on Russian tanks Ukraine, is becoming the symbol..

[the nazi conspiracy]

Author Brad Meltzer discusses his book on Nazi plot to kill Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill at the height of World War II... ... Author and Vanity Fair contributing Howard Blum recounted Nazi plot to kill Allied leaders... ..

touchy nazi jailed for stabbing

supremacist who stabbed reformed skinhead for saying he could not be Nazi because he had Irish name was yesterday jailed for at least 18 months.. ... The victim, former skinhead, had asked O'Sullivan how he could consider Nazi when he had Irish name and no German blood.. ..

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