germany moves to eradicate lingering nazi laws

Germany has already reformed Nazi-era laws over the years, including Paragraph 175 that criminalised sex between men and was repealed in 1994.. ... The law on names may be the prominent, and there are at least 28 other German legal texts dating from Nazi era -- possibly as many as 40,..

a practical application of close reading skills:

application of close reading skills Nazi-spotting. I put lot of energy into helping students understand the difference between the summary and engagement (. ... It takes time and dedication to flush out Nazi who does not wish to be recognized, and you're likely to miss the signs if..

an ordinary german neo-nazi

Unlike Nerstheimer, the off-sider and Neo- Nazi bully-boy Kalbitz, one of AfD's key representatives of its now officially purged Neo- Nazi grouping inside AfD, Nerstheimer has not played much of in AfD. ..

‘ivankkka is a nazi

Just time for the home stretch of the most tense election of modern times, the masked and anonymous rock band Network is back from 17-year hiatus to stir the pot with its new single, Ivankkka Is Nazi, Los Angeles Times reports... ..

greek court orders jail for neo-nazi leaders

Read More ATHENS Greek court on Thursday ordered neo- Nazi Golden Dawn Nikos Michaloliakos and his former top aides to begin serving prison sentences, capping one of the significant trials in the country's political history.. ... The court has accepted that Golden Dawn was organisation run by..

our view: the nazi past still with us

It was dropped by RAF April of 1944 as British air force targeted Nazi-occupied Paris in advance of D-Day landings Normandy. ... Thursday article, German Automotive Giant Admits It Was Nazi Accomplice, was about the role of the large, Hanover-based German tire and auto parts..

neo nazi ·

. # neo-nazi - Tuesday 17 January, 2017.. Greek authorities are moving to dismantle Golden Dawn, after the murder of musician on September 18. # neo-nazi - Saturday 28 September, 2013.. The leader and number of other members have been arrested as police get tough after the murder of..

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