mackenzie king's forgotten visit to nazi germany

The men he communed with including Joachim von Ribbentrop, Rudolph Hess, Hermann Goering, and Fuhrer had assured him of Nazi Germany's irenic intentions, and King found their pledges sincere. ... King sailed for home believing that he had found the path to Hitler's heart, that he had helped Fuhrer..

the holocaust survivor who deciphered nazi doublespeak

They transcribed 3,000 survivor testimonies between 1944 and 1947, scavenged for Nazi in abandoned Gestapo offices preserved fragments of day-to-day life — notebook or ration ticket.. ... Each one contains few sentences of Nazi writing and the etymology of German word, both its..

russian mma fighter behind neo-nazi gang sentenced

A mixed martial arts fighter who formed a neo-nazi gang that murdered an Armenian man was handed a lengthy prison sentence for his crimes. . ... Since his detention, investigators have uncovered the details behind Fedonenko’s attack, as well as a list of other crimes that the fighter is guilty of,..

angry bear » nazi executioner judge: “political

In 1972 Topitsch, rationalist who was Professor of Philosophy Graz, that behind the slogans of discussion and 'dialogue free of domination there was being established at the universities 'a distinct terrorism of political convictions such even under Nazi tyranny.. ... The more sensational..

discovering my grandfather was a nazi

In this temple of documents that Allied bombings and Nazis themselves had not managed to destroy, I was handed incontrovertible evidence that my grandfather had been ideologically committed Nazi since 1931, and member of SS. ..

vw and wilco: jeff tweedy, nazi

VW and Wilco: Jeff Tweedy, Nazi . . . So I saw the ad a couple of times last night as I watched the death throes of my beloved Pistons. ... “Jeff Tweedy IS a Nazi!! […] I bet marrying my Jewish sister was just a ruse to further his white supremacist agenda. ..

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