empower nepal police: ciaa

According to annual report of the body, Nepal Police could play in maintaining law and order and enhancing good governance... ... According to data maintained by Nepal Police, smuggling and illegal trade of gold is in the country. ..

new revelations in nepal

Those were the conditions one October day the region of Nepal dominated by Mount Everest. ... For Leve, one of her key goals has been to work with community leaders and the national park service Nepal to help them develop information for future researchers — and to find way to share the..

the rohingya in nepal

It would be best for Nepal to not take extremist approach, and aim at deporting Rohingya all at once in similar fashion as Indian government is trying to do. At the time, however, in the influx of Rohingya refugees would also pose serious threat to Nepal's sovereignty and further burden..


The Norwegian runner took the decision to leave career behind and is still surprised to be in Nepal... The Norwegian runner took the decision to leave career behind and is still surprised to be in Nepal... 25 Oct 2019 - 23PM... ..

trekking trips in nepal

Nepal trekking tours are popular all around the world and offer unique experience South-east Asia. Nestled amidst Himalayas and the admirable beauty, Nepal also holds strong cultural and traditional values. ..

nepal – cwi

Nepal, one of the poorest countries in Asian region has been further devastated by the recent earthquake... ... At Plenary Session of European Parliament, Joe Higgins MEP highlights the revolutionary struggles of the working class and Nepal. ..

architecture from nepal

Courtesy of AHA In April 2015 there was Nepal which took the lives of 8,790 and injured 22,300... 09 30 - May, 2018. Nepal's Courtesy of KTK-BELT Studio KTK-BELT Studio, organization based in Nepal, is working with local communities to create fascinating. ..

nepal: reform transitional justice law

For 12 years and counting, Nepal's rulers have tried to railroad conflict victims into accepting justice process designed to protect those responsible for abuse... ... In January, nine foreign embassies Nepal and the UN issued joint statement calling for meaningful consultations with..

rainstorm hits south nepal

By rainstorm that swept southern, Officials say many people were killed and hundreds were injured Nepal on Sunday ... KATHMANDU, Nepal — swept through villages in region of southern Nepal on Sunday, the 25 reported deaths and hundreds of injuries were to increase.. ..


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