netanyahu harshly criticizes rival

TEL AVIV, Israel Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unleashed harsh verbal attack Sunday against his potential replacement, rightist Naftali Bennett, declaring it would constitute the election fraud Israel's history if his own reign as the country's longest-serving leader were ended.. ... ..

israel's lapid set to unseat netanyahu

Netanyahu, controls 30 seats in Knesset, almost twice and he is allied with at least three other religious and nationalist parties. ... Lapid, centrist, was given the task of forming coalition after right-wing Netanyahu failed to do so in the wake of March 23 election. ..

netanyahu: won't relent in gaza

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Wednesday to press ahead with fierce military in Gaza Strip, pushing back against calls from United States to wind down the operation that has left hundreds dead.. ... Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks..

netanyahu revives rotation with gantz

Netanyahu thus leaves the door open for Yamina Naftali Bennet and New Hope Gideon Sa'ar to join Likud if the anti- Netanyahu change block fails to form government.. ... It remains to follow events in the last nine days of Netanyahu's mandate to form government -. ..

bennett, netanyahu to meet tomorrow

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Yamina Naftali Bennett will meet ahead of the phase to choose the next prime minister, to discuss the formation of government.. ... Lapid will attempt to persuade Bennett to join the 'bloc for change, the parties dedicated to removing Netanyahu from..

arabs cheer netanyahu for iran!

According to the results of the parliamentary elections Israel, the victory of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was source of joy, both secret and in public, for many people in Middle East. ... There were no Arab or Israeli leadership except for Anwar Sadat who dared to abort the dangers of war..

netanyahu to visit uae thursday

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu adjusts his protective face mask Israel December 19, 2020. ... Saudi CIC did not respond to Reuters query on whether Crown Prince Mohammed would be visiting UAE on Thursday and if he would meet with Netanyahu.. ..

benjamin netanyahu ·

Palestinian leadership hoped that the aid would mark the start of effort by Biden to pressure Israel... # benjamin-netanyahu - Tuesday April, 2021. # Israel # Israel Israel's president invites Netanyahu to form government. The incumbent's party won the most seats in inconclusive..

netanyahu under fire

Mass protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's handling of the coronavirus crisis have continued Israel, with one protest converging on Netanyahu's on Saturday July. ... Netanyahu's for corruption has now resumed, with the case expected to last years. ..

netanyahu set for fifth term

Following parliamentary elections Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party and its right-wing and coalition partners have won majority of seats in Knesset, prevailing against Benny Gantz's Blue and White alliance. ... And now Netanyahu is hostage to in which the majority of his coalition..

obama, netanyahu & the iranian bomb

Roger Cohen's January 16th The New York Times, Do not Do It, Bibi is the in Obama campaign's efforts to pressure Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to take serious risk at Israel's being nuked by Iran rather than cause any ripples President Obama campaign for re-election to second term.. ..

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