conditional endorsement of newsom

I'll dual endorse Gavin Newsom and Dan Kapelovitz in California recall, only if, and if, Newsom adopts my plan to use public-public partnerships to abolish police... If he rejects my offer, my endorsement is off the table, and I'll run campaign, to raise and spend money, to defeat..

newsom calls out misinformation pundits

We are exhausted, Governor Gavin Newsom said at one point in today, phrase that could have related to drought, wildfire, mass shootings, or any number of emergencies California faces today, and the target was COVID, and Newsom was specific... ... Also joining Newsom was..

the grand deception of alaic newsom

It's the deception designed to save the job of our own Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian Chief, Gavin Newsom.. ... So, ALAIC Newsom proposes taxing you with exorbitantly high tax rates, then giving you back small percentage of that payment in check you will receive just before the recall..

recall newsom 2021

So big story happening in United States right now not receiving the attention it deserves is the election of California Gavin Newsom. ..

brothersjudd blog: blame newsom!

BLAME NEWSOM! . 'Unemployment fraud really focused on the pandemic unemployment assistance program designed to aid sharing economy workers -- I think the national fraud and loss is closer to $200 billion, based on what we're seeing,' CEO @Blake_Hall says. ..

dear gavin newsom, explain this $hit!!!

We are sure, somewhere deep down in the bureaucracy of banality that is California's government, there is good reason for each of these 'policies seriously, one could be forgiven for thinking that Golden State's massive majority is just making it up as they go along to punish the most undeserving people the..

newsom signs eviction moratorium

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Monday night that extends protections to renters -- keeping them from getting evicted for not paying their rent because of the coronavirus.. The legislature passed the bill on Monday, and Newsom announced he had signed it hours later.. ..

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