northam reacts to fairfax accusers’ interviews

Northam reacts to Fairfax accusers interviews... ... By Courteney Stuart April 3, 2019 at AM EDT - Updated April at AM... GREENE COUNTY, Va -- Governor Ralph Northam says sexual assault allegations against Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax must be taken seriously. ..

me, hitler and virginia’s ralph northam

Unlike Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Byrd did not pose in or adjacent to Klan outfit on Byrd was Klansman, Exalted Cyclops even of his local group. ... Maybe Northam's appearance of racial insensitivity is of less concern to them — xenophobic, corrosive spewings of our Commander..

northam insists he can 'heal' virginia

Ralph Northam considered resigning amid scandal that he once wore blackface, Sunday that he's not going anywhere because the state needs someone that can heal it.. ... Northam was the in blackface and denied it the day, while acknowledging that he did wear blackface to dance party that..

the case of ralph northam

Whatever is to be the fate of Governor Ralph Northam of the commonwealth of Virginia, I wonder what he now thinks about those. ... The roof caved in on Northam, with Republicans and Democrats in lather to outdo each other in calling for his scalp — if I might still use the term. ..

sacrificing northam will not be enough

Ralph Northam. . Et tu, Brute? . Yet Northam had all but sworn Saturday he had no knowledge of the 1984 yearbook photo and that he was not either man in the photo. . ... All had washed their hands of Northam. . Moral authority, really Joe? ..

is justin fairfax worse than northam?

By the ultimate fire and in, Last week, Northam's matter-of-fact remarks on the euthanasia of  newborns, followed up'post America, appearing in racist photo, had Democratic activists outside the office chanting, 'No governor. By supremacist who called for the extermination of blacks and offered..

as ralph northam turns

The in this Washington Post article seems to be that Ralph Northam may yet resign as Democratic of Virginia over the racist photo on his yearbook page 35 years ago.. ... Tags Ralph Northam, blackface, Image... The benefits of Helping hand... ..

ralph northam is the perfect democrat

Virginia's Democrat Governor Ralph Northam is the embodiment of Democratic Party racist, hypocrite and liar.. ... By baying crowds demanding his head, Were Ralph Northam Republican he would have been expected to resign, and Governor's Mansion and State Capitol would have been surrounded,..

stand down northam

Governor Northam has supported liberal causes, from backing reproductive rights to advocating for more gun control policies. Northam's actions are yet another in the long legacy of in United States. ..

commentary: thank you governor northam

By the time you're reading this Governor Ralph Northam will have made his speech to House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees to advise them of any changes he proposes to the budget of Commonwealth. ... To recruit and retain the best teaching talent to Commonwealth, Governor..


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