barack obama, michelle obama called 'fake' amid

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama attend Kennedy Center Honors at Kennedy Center Washington December 6, 2015. ... Besides the fact that Globe has been known for publishing fictitious stories based on the claims of its sham tipsters, that neither Barack Obama..

obama wins with populism!

On President Obama's right Populism. Mouse Man Phi Nooring Winning Americans hearts. [By using populism here, the cartoonist is trying to relate President Obama's policy with that of Thai government. ..

trump’s obama envy

But the false and absurd rewriting of history seemed intended less to elevate Russian leader than to diminish Obama. ... And, of course, ion as to what Obama might have done to prevent Russian invasion. ..

julián castro's obama moment

Julián Castro's, in prime-time slot, burst him onto the national stage, just like the one that had catapulted Obama to in 2004. ... Obama's, Jim Messina, crunched the numbers and called White House from Chicago headquarters to report that the effort had Latino problem.. ..

obama does not rhyme with obama

The problem is that the reason she could win is that Michelle Obama is in position much like Trump was in 2016. ... At this point time, win by Michelle Obama is being invested with unwarranted descriptions by Michael Moore and these beliefs are form of desperation whereby those. ..

barack obama, michelle obama top list of celebs most

On the male side, Barack Obama garnered more tech tycoon and Bill Gates.. ... Tallying up all 42,000 responses from each country, YouGov found that while Michelle Obama is the most admired woman in the world title that had belonged to Angelina Jolie last Gates remains ahead of husband as..

michelle obama: obama presidency had 'no scandal'

Former first lady Michelle Obama commenting on administration told CBS This Morning host Gayle King proclaimed that it was scandal-free.. Obama was attending the 25th Essence Festival New Orleans on Saturday and recounted her emotions attending President Donald Trump's 2017 inauguration,..

the obama dossier

President Barack Obama comes out from Oval Office prior to his departure from White House September 14, 2015 Washington, DC.. ... On Dec 9, 2016, six weeks before leaving office, then President Barack Obama ordered a full review of Russian in U.S elections to be completed beforehe left..

obama judge approves obama center for chicago –

Our vision for Obama Presidential Center has always been one place of connection and engagement for the public, and community, said CEO David Sims.. ... In this case, Obama Presidential Center would occupy Jackson Park the city's park district sold to Chicago for $1. ..

obama nipsey hussle

One of the surprises of the night came media mogul Karen Civil, read aloud letter from Barack Obama that the president addressed to the rapper's friends and family... ... Obama adds to the list of artists and celebrities who are mourning the rapper. ..

thank you, prez obama*

In September 2009, eight months Barack Obama paid visit to Lordstown assembly complex.. ... Clinton came to Valley and delivered the message as the one from Obama 2009 The industry will remain strong with Democrat in White House.. ..

smith v. obama

Smith filed suit against President Obama and U.S intelligence agencies shortly after the government confirmed revelations that National Security Agency was conducting bulk collection of telephone records under Section 215 of Patriot Act. ..

obama: "addicted to empire"

In, Obama expanded this use of remote-control warfare from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Yemen, where, in 2011, drone carried out Obama's order to assassinate American-born Islamist Anwar al-Awlaki. Obama's overall policy goals hinge heavily on United States's with Middle East,..

how brainy is obama?

It's time for Obama to reconsider its decision to escalate Afghan war and begin preparing for withdrawal that would eliminate American crutch and leave Afghanistan to Afghans.. ..

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