ocasio-cortez and amazon versus common sense

Ocasio-Cortez celebrated because, in her words, she and her comrades defeated Amazon's corporate greed, its exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world... ... The problem for business is that stories of welfare gives the likes of Ocasio-Cortez all the fodder she needs to..

alexandria ocasio-cortez responds to trump slam

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is live-tweeting her response to President Donald Trump's attacks on her proposed Green New Deal at his Monday night rally.. TX, he called Ocasio-Cortez's proposal takeover that would destroy the incredible gains the country has seen during his..

alexandria ocasio-cortez is america's child

I am reminded about that cute years ago every I Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speak about all of the programs she hopes to magic into existence during tenure as member of Congress. ... Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal is the manifestation of juvenile wish list - the fantasy that resides inside..

ocasio-cortez gaslights 'green new deal'

By pretending document put out by office never existed, Matt Whitlock, adviser to NRSC, accused Ocasio-Cortez of gaslighting the public.. Ocasio-Cortez retweeted researcher at Media Matters for America who said Hockett debunked all the media lies on Fox News.. ..

alexandria ocasio-cortez's crippling tax proposal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, far-left socialist, is calling for 70 percent marginal tax rate for the bracket. ... That compelled French government to scrap its supertax plan in 2015 something Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ought to consider before pushing her ill-conceived 70 percent income..

an attempt to smear ocasio-cortez backfires

attempt to Ocasio-Cortez backfires 5 57pm GMT - 01 40. attempt to embarrass elected U.S. ... Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with video showing her dancing while college backfired when it drew wave of support for the lawmaker on social media... ..

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