russia: opec+ deal will not be revised

OPEC and its Russia-led non- OPEC partners in the production cut pact are currently not discussing changing the terms of their agreement, on Monday  . OPEC+ allies are not considering changing the deal, ers on the sidelines of Saudi-Russian investment Riyadh. ..

opec july production data

There is often difference between what secondary sources say OPEC produces and what the countries themselves say they produced. ... I am bit of OPEC's estimate of World total liquids supply of 98.7 d. ..

russia, others back opec

With strong backing from Russia, the member of the non- OPEC group meeting Tuesday, the others approved the proposal... ... The non- OPEC nations present at the meeting at OPEC's headquarters Vienna also included Mexico, Bahrain, Oman and Kazakhstan. ..

under pressure from trump, opec embraces putin

It's marriage of convenience while the alliance could also strengthen OPEC's position in the face of Trump's demands... ... Tehran's falling production, due to U.S sanctions reimposed and extended by Trump, has reduced its role within OPEC while increasing those of Saudi Arabia and non-..

reliance, aramco and the ghost of opec

many market analysts had written OPEC obituaries, arguing that it would be unable to push prices higher than range of $50-60, at. That Reliance is ready to strike deal with Saudi Aramco is sign that doomsday calls on OPEC may have been premature. ..

brent nears $70 as opec tightens supply

Brent recovery this year -- with the biggest gain in almost decade -- is victory for the production cuts of OPEC and its allies. ... U.S data indicated that the crude stockpiles increased last week, month of production from OPEC cartel is tightening global supplies... ..

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