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Nine things you need to know by 9am Photos from Osama compound and none of the dead look like Osama Obama to address crowds at O'Connell Street and Matthew Elderfield gives bank boards their notice.. 3,483 Views Comments... ..


WATCH 'It's not Mabena moment — this SANDF rendition of ' Osama will make your day. ... The video shows members of SANDF marching to Osama during practice parade Cape Town.. ..

hashtag #jihad and apps increase for cyber jihad

One example, sent July 17, 2012, includes DVD of Osama bin Laden's speeches and videos for downloading, including links to San Francisco-based Internet Archives... ... Guantanamo Bay detainee file on Walid Mohammad Haj Mohammad Ali, US9SU-000081DP, dated December 2007, stated that he is assessed..

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