promised land

Promised Land The Zionist Story The roots, identity, and inspiration of Zionism.. Promised Land It's Complicated What happened on October 7 changed everything for Israelis. ..


German research institute has terminated the contract of pro-Palestine of anthropology after criticizing Israeli ongoing war on Gaza Strip... ..


Middle East - North Africa Palestine . . Index 2023 . Score : 37.86 . ... Abuses in real time in Palestine . . Killed since 1st January 2024 . 0 journalists . 0 media workers . . . . ..

oh palestine

To save themselves from humiliation and more losses, by Israel and Palestine gave Zionists land that was already occupied by Palestinians, displacing Palestinians and forcing them to scramble for the little that was left.. ..

democratic palestine

Democratic Palestine., in which Muslims, Christians and Jews should live peacefully, democratically. ... On May 15, 1948, British gave Zionists the mandate to usurp the land of Palestine. ..

un / palestine

The community should be involved order to dictate the pace for the implementation of the solution on the basis of the law and UN's relevant resolutions that will lead to the end of the occupation and the independence of the state of Palestine on the borders of 4th of June 1967 with East Jerusalem..