palestinian prime minister shtayyeh resigns

Palestinian Authority, formed 30 years ago under Oslo peace accords, exercises limited governance over parts of West Bank and lost Gaza following struggle with Hamas in 2007.. ... Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas and says that for security reasons, it will not accept Palestinian..

does palestinian violence have benefits?

Writing in the new issue of Foreign Affairs, Martin Indyk asserts that as awful as October 7 was, there could be result — the creation of Palestinian Arab state... ... In his Foreign Affairs, Martin Indyk is saying, in effect, that while October 7 was nasty piece of business, that's just what..

the commodification of palestinian pain

Indeed, just few years ago Palestinian, Samah Jabr, warned against sharing 'shocking content showing 'shattered people in Palestinian territories, on the basis that such 'pictures of pain violate 'the privacy and dignity of the subjects and can 'create terror among Palestinians. ... By..

pro-palestinian student scales menorah and plants

The placement of a Palestinian flag on the menorah conveys a deeply antisemitic message to Jewish residents of New Haven, including members of the Yale community.' . ...

Israeli government's narrative surrounding the release of Palestinian prisoners during the ceasefire has come under scrutiny for being perceived as insidious and dishonest.. ... The list of 300 Palestinian prisoners proposed for release reveals that the majority are teenage boys, with..

the silencing of palestinian voices

The Atlantic, U.S monthly, has published 38 articles on Israel Palestine in the last two weeks, and featured one Palestinian writer.. ... According to Al Jazeera, censorship of pro- Palestinian posts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube and TikTok. ..

the palestinian question

Israel undertook similar dismantling of Israeli settlements in 2005 evacuating about 8,000 Jewish settlers, and leaving that fenced narrow strip of land to serve as home for more than two Palestinian inhabitants. Far from being Israeli to Palestinian state, Israeli from Gaza was intended..

france bans pro-palestinian protests

The French government announced Thursday on pro- Palestinian protests Hamas attack on Israel, according to Reuters.. ... Catching the enemy completely by surprise, Palestinian resistance has captured over dozen settlements surrounding Gaza along with many occupation soldiers and military..

palestinian rivals form 'reconciliation committee'

Palestinian Mahmud Abbas meeting with delegation of Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine ahead of talks El Alamein © Thaer GHANAIM PPO AFP. ... Sunday's meeting came amid resurgence of in Israeli- Palestinian conflict, particularly in West Bank. ..

palestinian flags flying over jerusalem.

Palestine Media Watch NGO of Itamar Marcus exposed item that Palestinian Authority has denounced the existence of any Jewish history Jerusalem. ... Let's not waste time trying to persuade weak, cowardly, rejectionist, and leader of Palestinian minority. ..