pelosi will target mitch mcconnell next

Speaker Nancy Pelosi will escalate her caucus anti-Mitch McConnell messaging this fall, testing theory that this can be more effective than just continuing anti-Trump rhetoric, ... ... Pelosi has reminded House colleagues that Democrats regained the in 2018 by focusing on the issues, not..

nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi WSOC-TV Would you like to receive news alerts from WSOC. La presidenta de Cámara de Representantes Nancy Pelosi, acompañada de otros demócratas y activistas que promueven sueldos más altos después de que la cámara baja aprobó un proyecto el salario mínimo por primera..

pelosi and aoc deserve each other

Nancy Pelosi was not heartbroken when the member of House Democratic Caucus, Rep. ... According to Post, AOC and Pelosi have not spoken since February. And Pelosi is dragon who will incinerate the self-styled girl from Bronx if she becomes nuisance. ..

big president trump, tiny speaker pelosi

While President Trump became the leader to meet with Emperor of Japan, Pelosi announced she would like to Trump in jail.. ... While President Trump was proving he was Japan, Britain, France, Ireland and Mexico, Speaker Pelosi's House Democrats were talking about subpoenas and..

ocasio-cortez knocks pelosi

He knocked Swalwell for trying to say House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler and Pelosi are agreement when reports say Nadler wants impeachment and Pelosi does not.. ... This entry was posted in and tagged, House Democrats, Jerrold Nadler, Nancy Pelosi. ..

trump needs intervention, pelosi says

WASHINGTON House Speaker Nancy Pelosi questioned President Donald Trump's fitness to remain Thursday, suggesting staff or family intervention for the good of the nation after his dramatic blow-up at White House meeting with Democrats. ... House lawmakers have left for Memorial Day, and the chamber..

nation in 'crisis,' pelosi says

WASHINGTON -- Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that United States is in a constitutional crisis and warned that House Democrats might move to hold more administration officials in contempt of Congress if they continue their refusals to comply with committee subpoenas.. ... Pelosi..

pelosi accuses barr of perjury

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., accused Attorney General William Barr of lying to Congress in his testimony regarding letters he received from special counsel Robert Mueller... ... Pelosi was referring to Barr's House April 9 that Mueller had no issue with the attorney..

speaker nancy pelosi

Speaker Nancy Pelosi - April 8, 2019, 12 38 55 PM... Pelosi Statement on Filing of House Lawsuit to Block the President's.. ... Speaker Nancy Pelosi - February 11, 2019, 01 23 56 PM... Speaker Nancy Pelosi - January 23, 2019, 04 52 44 PM... ..

nancy pelosi arrives in ireland

Among those travelling with Nancy Pelosi on this Congressional are the chairman and several members of House Ways and Means Committee.  ... Tomorrow, Nancy Pelosi is due to meet President Michael D Higgins and will also address Dáil to mark its 100th anniversary.. ..

pelosi has problems within party

Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and House Democrats rally ahead of passage of H.R., The For People Act, at Capitol Washington, Friday, March 8, 2019. Pelosi favors modest, agenda of bolstering Obamacare, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, building infrastructure, passing gun..

speaker nancy pelosi

San Francisco Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement in recognition of Women's History Month. ... Speaker Nancy Pelosi held her press conference in Capitol Visitor Center.  ..

pelosi gets squeezed on impeachment

All of that amounts to squeeze on the strategy devised by Pelosi, California Democrat charged with the role of leading House and the role of keeping party's majority.. ... Pelosi's approach will give avenue to pro-impeachment Democrats to air their case while keeping it off the floor,..

pelosi has clean hands

some accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of playing politics by dis-inviting President Trump from delivering his State of the Union address to session of Congress.. ... And both Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have the power to say no, with appropriate support from their..

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