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Antiwar voices and regional experts had urged Pelosi to reconsider the visit during her travels Asia... ... The coalition asks that Pelosi and Schumer commit to bringing stock ban to vote early next month... ..

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While Kirby did say that President had made clear that Congress is branch of government and that Speaker Pelosi makes her own decisions, about their overseas travel, those unacquainted with the US political system will take no notice. ..

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Pelosi would be the speaker of House to visit Taiwan since Newt Gingrich in 1997. ... Better to take the hit to the relationship now than let Xi Jinping dictate Nancy Pelosi's, itinerary.. ..

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Last week, Archbishop, the aptly named Salvatore Cordileone, notified Pelosi that she should no longer present for Holy Eucharist when attending Mass. . ... Pelosi pled her case on MSNBC, and made in of abortion on demand. .. ..

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#paul pelosi # paul-pelosi - Last November 2022 - November 2022. # Nancy Pelosi # Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi opens up about attack on 'I was very scared. ... Pelosi's, Paul, broke into the family's home... # paul-pelosi - Last October 2022. #..

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January Lies Exposed, COVID Vaccine Fight Upda.. 2021 YEAR OF CORRUPTION Fauci-COVID-China Docs, Pelosi-Jan Committee, Bi... ... Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on to discuss Nancy Pelosi and the stock market and much more. ..

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Chaplet Roses for Nancy Pelosi by Maggie Groeschl... Hour of The Drew Mariani Show on 12-9-21. Maggie Gallagher joins us to talk about Archbishop Cordileone's prayer and fasting campaign to convert Nancy Pelosi's on the issue of abortion... ..

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