jan. 6 committee could subpoena pence

The committee has been able to document most of former President Donald Trump's end of his call to Pence on the morning of the insurrection on Jan 6, 2021, when the then-president made his plea for Pence to stop the certification of Joe Biden's when Pence presided over Electoral..

maureen dowd: hence, mike pence :: wral.com

In one, Karen Pence is pulling gold-fringed curtain shut in the president's in Capitol, off Senate floor, probably wondering where it all went wrong.. He is holding phone to his ear which included some who carried baseball bats and zip ties and chanted, Hang Mike Pence... ..

curious nature: mountain goats like your pee

There have been many instances where mountain goats have developed such taste for urine and sweat that they have started to cause problems.. ... To this day, I ca not help except look over my shoulder before I water tree because, after all, mountain goats like your pee.. ..

pee pals: dolphins use taste of urine to recognize

To investigate, the team presented eight dolphins with urine samples from familiar and unfamiliar individuals, finding they spent around three times as long sampling urine from those they knew.. ... Next, the team paired urine samples with recordings of signature whistles..

thank pence for biden's trainwreck

Pence could have rejected the certificates from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin based on the indisputably unconstitutional practice of state alteration of voting laws violation of Elector's Clause Article of U.S. ..

mike pence stands up for himself.

Last week, about how former President Donald Trump had evolved into saying that his doormat, former Vice President Mike Pence, should have overturned Trump's favor. Remember that time that Trump egged on mob that broke into Capitol and chanted, Hang Mike Pence.. ..

pence family's bunny marlon bundo dies

Marlon Bundo, the beloved pet rabbit of Pence family, has died, former second daughter, Charlotte Pence announced Saturday... Rest peace, little bunny, Pence posted on Instagram... Bundo, was the inspiration behind children's books written by Charlotte Pence and..

rest in peace, pee wee!

Rest In Peace, Pee Wee! . Saturday, December 18, 2021 Reggae Boyz team manager Roy Simpson signs the condolence book at the Kaya Herb House on Wednesday, as the 12 Tribes of Israel hosted an occasion to pay tribute to the late Dr Carlton “Pee Wee” Fraser, who passed away from COVID-19..

opinion: kemp and pence are gop heroes

Together with former Vice President Mike Pence, they form cadre that resisted intense pressure to turn their backs on their in 2020 — showing backbone and moral and integrity that will redound to their credit in the history books.. ... It's possible to read too much into Kemp and..

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