pentagon recognizes price paid in attacks

At Pentagon another 125 lives were lost, including Operations Specialist Class Nehamon Lyons IV, Pine Bluff native, and Sgt. ... USS Gettysburg, he was entrusted with position at Pentagon, transferring there January of 2001, according to his Pentagon Memorial biography.. ..

pentagon grappling with new vaccine orders

But Pentagon officials on Friday were scrambling to figure out how to enact and enforce the changes across the vast military population and determine. Pentagon now has two separate missions involving President Joe Biden's announcement Thursday aimed at increasing COVID-19 vaccines in the..

pentagon-documented us ufos 'unexplained'

The report includes some UAP cases that came to light in Pentagon's release of video from US naval aviators showing aircraft off the US and west coasts exhibiting speed and maneuverability exceeding known aviation technologies and lacking any visible means of propulsion or flight-control surfaces....

pentagon leaders to face congressional gauntlet

Inhofe, Republican on Senate panel, requested list of records, and summaries of Pentagon documents relating to Afghanistan, the rushed withdrawal of. ... Inhofe, for one, has cast blame at Biden, accusing him of ignoring Pentagon's concerns about quick from Afghanistan... ..

shrinking the pentagon

This July, for instance, Representative Mark Pocan, Representative Barbara Lee, and Senator Bernie Sanders pushed parallel measures in House and Senate to cut  Pentagon spending by 10%, savings of more including aid to increasingly desperate low-income communities. ... Global Zero has outlined..

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