imagining a progressive pentagon

Pentagon continues to grow and surge with ever larger budgets, ever more expansive missions, and ever greater ambitions to dominate everywhere, including if necessary through warfare. ... Pentagon would * Take the in working to eliminate all nuclear weapons everywhere, rather than..

pentagon launches ufo reporting form

The latest initiative comes after David Grusch, U.S intelligence official, testified to House Oversight Committee July that he had been informed about a multidecade program in Pentagon to collect and reassemble damaged UAPs. In response to Grusch's claims, Pentagon spokesperson said at..

pentagon: u.s. strikes iran-linked facilities in syria

U.S military conducted airstrikes against buildings Syria associated with Iran's and the proxy groups it controls on Thursday, Pentagon said in statement.. Repeated strikes compelled Pentagon to rush additional air defenses to Middle East, and Department of Defense leaders warned of..

paralysis in the pentagon

Gutting Pentagon's leadership had the uncomfortable effect of casting the chairman of Joint Chiefs and other military leaders. ... Rather the choices should be limited to Senate-confirmed deputies and first assistants who already work in Pentagon. ..