the afghanistan pentagon papers

December 13, 2019 The Afghanistan Pentagon Papers . by . . The war in Afghanistan, America’s longest, has cost about 2,300 US lives, over 20,000 wounded, and about $1 trillion. Now, thanks to the persistence of the Washington Post, we have an abundance of interviews which, like the..

intervention in seal case tests pentagon

Back to Gallery Intervention SEAL case tests Pentagon... 1of3 FILE - In this July 2, 2019, file photo, Navy Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher leaves military court on Naval Base San Diego. ... The in faraway land opened affair that would pit Pentagon hierarchy wedded to..

pentagon makes cloud deal

SAN FRANCISCO Pentagon awarded Microsoft $10 billion cloud computing contract, snubbing early Amazon. ... Pentagon emphasized in announcement that the process was fair and followed procurement guidelines. ..

inside trump's first pentagon briefing

Long and long before the first news stories about it, those of us in the top levels of Pentagon heard President Donald Trump demand the military parade he would get. ... The clash came in the middle of Trump�s first Pentagon briefing on America�s military and diplomatic..

pentagon tests previously banned missile

In statement, Pentagon said the test took place on Sunday at San Nicolas Island, California, and the missile hit its target after more than 500km of flight.. ... Pentagon spokesman told Reuters Sunday's test used MK41 and the system tested was not the same as Aegis Ashore defence system..

pentagon leadership vacuum worries lawmakers

You are here: / / Pentagon Leadership Vacuum Worries Lawmakers . Pentagon Leadership Vacuum Worries Lawmakers . ... That’s the longest such stretch in Pentagon history.” . “There is also no confirmed deputy defense secretary, and other significant senior civilian and military..

pentagon needs a new pitch

I agree Pentagon is coming at this from the angle, and I'm skeptical that appeals to counterculture coming from the man will be viewed as anything and disingenuous.. For all the supposed moral problems that the industry has with Pentagon, many of those same companies seem eager to have..

shanahan cleared in pentagon investigation

WASHINGTON — Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan has been cleared by Pentagon's Inspector General's, in move that paves the way for nomination to the secretary job... ... On F-35 comment, IG noted differentiating between F-35 program at Pentagon and contractor level, and the..

pentagon transgender ban goes into effect

Pentagon says the policy does not affect transgender troops currently serving in the armed forces, contention that's strongly denied by advocates, to the potential for discrimination and harassment.. Anthony Kurta, Pentagon official acting for the deputy under secretary of personnel and..

pentagon considering space-based weapon

Pentagon considering space-based weapon. Published 4 hours ago. Defense officials want to test neutral particle-beam in fiscal 2023 as part of effort to explore various types of space-based weaponry. ... So Pentagon is undertaking two studies. The first is exploration of whether..

pentagon chief's syria briefing irks lawmakers

Pentagon Chief's Syria Briefing Irks Lawmakers. The episode highlighted Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan's strained relationship with Capitol Hill two months after he replaced Jim Mattis. ... The contentious briefing on the sidelines of Munich Security Conference rankled the bipartisan..

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