pentagon and congress

U.S military commander for Latin America said Friday that Trump administration is not looking to use military force to remove Nicolas Maduro even as it expands counternarcotics operations in Caribbean.. ..

pentagon fails audit – again

The fiscal 2019 audit examined more than $2.9 in assets and $2.8 in liabilities, Pentagon said. ... Amazing Facts and Figures from Pentagon's Failed Audit. 'All Four Feet and Their Snout in Trough Lawmakers Sound Off on Pentagon Audit. ..

inside trump's first pentagon briefing

Long and long before the first news stories about it, those of us in the top levels of Pentagon heard President Donald Trump demand the military parade he would get. ... The clash came in the middle of Trump�s first Pentagon briefing on America�s military and diplomatic..

pentagon tests previously banned missile

In statement, Pentagon said the test took place on Sunday at San Nicolas Island, California, and the missile hit its target after more than 500km of flight.. ... Pentagon spokesman told Reuters Sunday's test used MK41 and the system tested was not the same as Aegis Ashore defence system..

political edict riles pentagon

SEOUL, South Korea Pentagon has told White House to stop politicizing the military, amid furor over Trump order to have Navy ship named for U.S. ... Shanahan told reporters traveling with him to South Korea on Sunday that he is not planning to seek investigation by Pentagon's into the..

my pentagon regret

That's why the news of its latest provocative deployment against Iran takes me back across the years to set of as-yet-unreckoned-with mistakes -- ones that are distinctly the property of Pentagon, and also, given U.S wars that followed, American people. ... it's that the single rubble-dump on..

pentagon needs a new pitch

I agree Pentagon is coming at this from the angle, and I'm skeptical that appeals to counterculture coming from the man will be viewed as anything and disingenuous.. For all the supposed moral problems that the industry has with Pentagon, many of those same companies seem eager to have..

pentagon program studying ufos revealed

once classified Pentagon program studying UFOs has been unveiled. The New York Times reports the million project, titled Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, launched in 2007 after former Senator Harry Reid of Nevada expressed deep interest in the subject. According to..

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