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By Palak Mangat 'I do not want us to forget the people that are caught in the crosshairs of juicy scandal, and that's lot of young people and NGOs, says Green Elizabeth May.. ... Former Nova Scotia Senator Donald Oliver says the government should revisit Employment Equity Act and take..

study: uncertain times drawing people to truth

Concerns over COVID-19 have kept many people from large and small gatherings, even when it comes to Christians and studying Bible. ... That meant that there are people who have nothing to do with scripture, Well, what does Bible say maybe about suffering or maybe about injustice, the..

‘pride is the people

In the midst of packed-despite-the-odds schedule, we caught up with Bob to get feel for drag in the age of COVID-19, the importance of increased visibility for black queer performers and the deep personal connections people create through drag. — Eve Kucharski. ..


TV star issued statement requesting compassion and empathy from the public following weeks of behaviour from her husband.. ..

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