perot defined path for trump

From this showing, Perot created Reform Party, used it to run again in 1996, and the party was platform that Trump briefly dallied with in 2000. . ... Ross Perot was the most influential political force in the late 20th century from outside the regular party system, Allan Lichtman,..

ross perot, sr extraordinary american

Remaining the head of the company until 2000, at the age of 70 he passed the title on to his son, Ross Perot Jr. ... In statement issued on the death of Ross Perot Sr the spokesman of Perot family quite stated, In and life, Ross was man of integrity and action. ..

ross perot to the rescue!

Tonight, down at Table 45 on the floor of the crowded ballroom, the talk is about Perot, and the hope is that the government will wise up and let him set things Tehran... ... While Perot was dreaming of making rotary connections between his office and house, thousands of Illinois senior..

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