portland officer injured as protest turns violent

Police Portland, Ore., stand in front of demonstrators at Thursday. The protest turned violent early Friday even after the mayor pleaded with demonstrators to stay off the streets... ... Early Friday, group of people gathered at Portland and marched to the local police precinct, where..

reporting on portland

I was working on longer post about Portland protests the way the story has been framed and reported. More than 150 rounds were fired and one woman was shot in  Portland on Friday while protesters on Saturday some of. ..

best 4 luxury hotels in portland, oregon

you'll trust Global Grasshoppers, who have Nines on their list of top ten cool and unusual hotels Portland. 4. ... What you love more, in the morning, in the evening, excellent dinner with local specialties and beverages made Portland, or quick access to city landmarks. ..

trump troops storm portland: darcy cartoon

In Portland, Oregon, unidentified, military fatigue clad forces sent by President Trump were seen batting and abducting unarmed protesters... ... In Portland it has been Democracy vs Authoritarianism as unidentified, military battle fatigue clad forces have been seen batting away at..

portland protests: what's happened so far

Federal officers from U.S agencies, including Department of Homeland Security, Marshals Service and Customs and Border Protection, remain Portland despite resistance from state and leadership. ... Attorney Juan Chavez, director of the civil rights project at Oregon Justice Resource Center, also..

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