portugal mulls atlantic-focused constellation

Credit SpaceNews Caleb Henry BREMEN, Germany — Portugal's created space agency is considering constellation focused on in Atlantic Ocean. . ... Serina said that Portugal, through its space strategy, wants to create 1,000 new jobs and increase the size of its space sector tenfold. ....

co-hosts in portugal

On this episode of Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking, co-hosts Pete Evans and Alex Thomopoulos join forces Lisbon, Portugal, to cook up outstanding locally sourced feast. ..

arx portugal

Nossa Sra Saúde, 3830 Gafanha Encarnação, Portugal... José Mateus Nuno Mateus c Ricardo Guerreiro, Fábio Cortês, Ana Fontes, Bruno Martins, Filipe Cardoso, João Dantas, Marc Anguill, Sofia Raposo, Miguel Torres.. ..

wildfires threaten villages in portugal

Wildfires threaten villages in Portugal . Two wildfires are sweeping central Portugal, threatening several villages, which have been evacuates, as more than 1150 firefighters battle the flames. . ... Locals have been forced to protect their homes from huge wildfires with buckets of water..

mep blasts portugal over football whistleblower

Rui Pedro Goncalves Pinto, 30-year old whistleblower who exposed in top European football clubs, has been sitting in pre-trail detention Portugal for almost three months.. ... Pinto was detained Hungary, where he had been living, on charges of cyber crime and extortion and then extradited to..

safarad: crypto-jews in portugal

Having learned that colonies of crypto- Jews lived remote villages and towns Portugal, Basto set out to bring them back to Jewish fold and increase Oporto's Jewish in the process. Lucien Wolff, British Jew from the Anglo- Jewish Association, visits Portugal to investigate and decide..

portugal trying to woo tourists

Lisbon- Portugal launched campaign aimed at wooing UK visitors, its most tourist market, to keep visiting the country after Brexit.. ... Portugal will show UK that with or without Brexit we will welcome British in the same way, for Ana Mendes Godinho said.. ..

making portugal great again? - isthmus

That's one of many comic questions posed Diamantino, satire from Portugal that won Critics Week Grand Prize at last Cannes Film Festival. The film follows Diamantino Matamouros, Portugal's most star. When he's in the zone, he sees the soccer field as pink cloud with fluffy puppies. ..


Portugal . 26:46 | #201 | TV-G . Jim and the crafters learn how cork is produced and learn the art of Portuguese tile painting. . . . ..

nationwide public sector strike hits portugal

Nationwide sector strike hits Portugal. Tens of thousands of teachers, nurses, garbage collection workers and other sector employees took part in nationwide strike Portugal yesterday. ... According to National Teachers Federation, 90 percent of teachers and other school employees took..

a taste of portugal

While most will think of Port when we speak of Portugal, lots of great wines are made there. ... It's one of the wine regions Portugal, with approximately 23.000 ha, representing about 10% of Portugal. ..

portugal: 1974-5 – international socialism

By junior officers to bring down the authoritarian and government of, The song was the agreed for coup Marcello Caetano and it was also the start of period of 18 months when Portugal would sashay to the very brink of working class revolution.. ... the answer to that question resonates in every..

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