the next president

I am of course talking about the prestigious position of President Fir Tree the title bestowed on Switzerland. ... President Tichy-Fisslberger signs off Now that Presidency has been resolved, one of the big questions town is whether we'll see the US re-engage in Council's work. ..

pharmaceutical president

Prof Rhiannon Braund, of University of Otago School of Pharmacy, has been elected president of Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand.. ... She has served on the society's national executive for three years and is president of Otago and former member ... ..

timeline: how the president-elect becomes the

Members of Senate and House will in session led by the president of Senate, in this case Vice President Pence. ... At noon on Jan 20, 2021, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris are set to be sworn into office, officially becoming the..

president erdogan’s picnic

The declaration of TRNC in 1983 was the conclusion, and the election of Ersin Tatar as 'president of the ' TRNC could well lead to the creation of two separate states. ... The year the president of the National Federation of Cypriots in UK Peter Droussiotis also urged for co-ordinated..

bad president

He makes up for any flaws present Bad President, as he alone is worth the commitment the film asks of audiences.. Look, Bad President tries too hard for joke, and it feels less like story and more of highlight of the most moments in Trump campaign. ..

our "wartime president"

For better or for worse, our president is Americans look to for in times of crisis. Indeed, once it was clear that the coronavirus was full-fledged pandemic, and that thousands of Americans would be dying, Donald Trump proclaimed a wartime president... ..

area 45: president (yes, president) pelosi?

Area 45 President Pelosi... interview with John Yoo. there's chance that constitutional law might add to the public's dyspepsia. John Yoo, Hoover Institution fellow and UC-Berkeley professor, details scenarios in which Democratic-controlled House re-elects President Trump, or Congress..

censoring the president

At the start and kind of sprang up with academics and analysts dishing out smörgåsbord of profiles and publications outdoing each other in arguing the President was far more cunning, crafty, thus capable, and consistent, than people assumed. ... Around the time the public seems to have ignored..

president harris

Joe Biden has selected Kamala Harris as his president-in-waiting.. Ms Harris, is considered progressive on policy issues and is more moderate Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.. ... majority of voters, including half of Democrats, do not think that 77-year-old Democrat Joe Biden will..

president kanye west?

Postal system, bad-mouthing Mail-in voting, screaming that Joe Biden did something Ukraine, etc than setting up Kanye West as candidate for president.. In Donald Trump's twisted, thinking, Kanye West, African American rapper, will peel away African American voters from former Vice..

president chaos

President Donald Trump exits Oval Office and walks toward Marine One on South Lawn of White House on July 15, 2020 Washington, D.C ... ... President moved to disrupt the operations of US Postal Service most recently, saying the election date needs to be changed and attacking the idea of..

pyromaniac president

And it has all happened because Brazilian president has pandered to the suicidal drives of anachronistic portion of the agribusiness and mineral extractive industries.. ..

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