can putin survive?

Events Ukraine this year, by contrast, have proved devastating to Putin.  ... The general uprising against Kiev that Putin had been expecting in Ukraine after Yanukovich's ouster never happened. ..

putin and other 'irreplaceable people'

It's all too easy to forget that Putin was nonentity who had been chosen for his unquestioned loyalty to the family and. ... It's assumed in West that there is no opposition to Putin and Putinism in State Duma, only in the so-called opposition of people like Alexei Navalny and Ksenia..

putin saves erdogan from himself

At the start of their Moscow on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with arguably the extraordinary of the young 21st century.. In the end, it all came down to Putin selling elegant way for Erdogan to save face in the form of, what..

putin would hate president sanders

If he was office, and he pursued that foreign policy, that would be much to the detriment of Vladimir Putin, said Max Bergmann, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and Elizabeth Warren supporter. ... America would be the stronger than nationalist demagogy, stronger than any of the..

putin the immortal?

Last week Russian president announced wave of constitutional reforms, rs, especially in West, jumped to the conclusion that Putin is changing the system so that he can stay power forever.. ... Moreover, Putin's Russia is far less Boris Yeltsin, puppet who made Russians cringe.. ..

putin the immortal?

Corruption Putin's Russia is far less Western-backed Boris Yeltsin, puppet who made Russians cringe. Five years ago, ing man who looked lot like Vladimir Putin in photographs from 1920 and 1941. ..

letter: putin owns the u.s.

Active Measures showed how Vladimir Putin, KGB mastermind,  attacked our democracy and elections in sweeping and systematic fashion in 2016 to help install his preferred candidate in White House, and he did so with precision. ... Aided by Republican Congress,  funded by Russian oligarchs via..

putin generation: russia's loyal youth?

Putin's rise to in 1990s came amid the tumultuous years of low-living standards, corruption and unbridled capitalism that benefited sector of society following the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991.. ... By the political engineers in the, This is the ' Putin Generation, ing to the in the..

from yeltsin to putin – kpfa

Tony Wood separates myths from facts about Russia's and policy — and whether Putin represents return to Soviet past.. Tony Wood, Russia Without Putin Money, Power and the Myths of the New Cold War Verso, 2018... ..

putinism after putin

Therefore, the news that Russians trust Putin had fallen to 31.7 cent low came as shock both to Kremlin and to the general public. But it's hard to avoid the feeling that it might be Good Putin, someone. ..

trump initiated call with putin

President Trump initiated lengthy call with his Russian on Friday, in which Vladimir Putin urged sanctions relief for North Korea and warned against Venezuela, ... ... Dick Durbin says Trump gets totally dazzled and googly eyed when talking to Putin.. ..

bc-putin-kim summit, advisory

Putin- Kim Summit-What Putin Wants For Russian President Vladimir Putin, meeting with North Korean Kim Jong Un offers chance to raise Moscow's clout in the region and gain more leverage with Washington. ... Putin- Kim Summit Coverage of the summit from Vladivostok,..

the real putin stooges

After more than two years of fever dream hysteria that the duly elected president of the United States is a Putin stooge (who always had a funny way of showing it), shockingly, the mainstream media conspiracy theory turned out to have no basis in fact. ... Yes, President Trump could really learn a..

netanyahu-putin meeting postponed

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Russia's President Vladimir Putin, meeting Moscow March 2017.. ... Netanyahu and Putin were to meet to discuss the situation with Iran Syria, and to coordinate the military forces of the two countries across Israel's northern border.. ..

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