trump avoids putin, saudi prince

President Donald Trump, center, walks President Vladimir Putin of Russia, left, and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, right, while lining up with world leaders for group photo at G-20 more. ... Trump abruptly pulled the plug on scheduled meeting with Putin, citing..

trump calls off putin meeting

In interview published Thursday with German daily Bild, Poroshenko laid out his hope that NATO would relocate naval ships to Sea of Azov to Ukraine and provide security against Putin's expansionist ambitions.. ... German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday that she plans to press..

putin loses one

Sometimes even Vladimir Putin does not get his way. Fortunately that's what happened Wednesday Dubai, when delegates to Interpol general bypassed Russian for favor of South Korean Kim Jong-yang.. ..

putin plays with the holocaust

By two weeks to prevent it from competing with produced films that hit the screens at the same time, Vladimir Putin's regime delayed the release of Paddington 2.. ... Putin's regime, even has never acknowledged the abuse of Holocaust Soviet propaganda. ..

is trump duping putin?

Putin, KGB operative, over U.S security officials on the issue of Russia's now-documented in U.S election. ... Trump's failure to deliver on his promise to improve ties is the result of Congress, the demonization of Vladimir Putin by U.S. ..

trump invites putin to washington

The Trump administration has invited Russian President Vladimir Putin for visit to Washington in early 2019, ... The invitation was announced Friday by National Security Advisor John Bolton during news conference Tbilisi, Georgia, just days after meeting with Putin and other Kremlin..

skripal a scumbag : putin

Russia's President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Sergei Skripal, Russian former double agent poisoned Britain, was scumbag. Russia's President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Sergei Skripal, Russian former double agent poisoned Britain, was scumbag.. ..

putin-nazi paranoia

Trump-loving, Assad-apologist, Putin- Nazi sleeper agents, posing as regular Americans. ... OK sign at Kavanaugh hearings, all right, was not the cue for the millions of American Putin- Nazis to rip off their rubbery masks of normality and storm into the in their polo shirts singing..

skripal suspects not criminals: putin

Putin of Russia said on Wednesday that his country had found Russians that Britain accuses of trying to use nerve agent to kill Soviet spy, and identified them as civilians. Putin's statement, made at Eastern Economic Forum Vladivostok, Russia, was far from admission of Russia's in the..

Picturing a post-Putin Russia

One of the many downsides of Hopeless Helsinki dialogue was that it made Putin, in contrast to his American interlocutor, look good potent, coherent, in command something Russian media stressed with evident relish. ... The decline was attributed, mainly, to decision to raise the pension age from..

Putin dilutes unpopular pension reforms

Russian Vladimir Putin has softened planned pension changes following angry protests and in his approval rating.. President Vladimir Putin has told Russians he has decided to dilute unpopular draft legislation to reform the pension system. ..

Scapegoating Trump & Putin

Coming on the heels of Helsinki between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, media reports assumed that Obama was taking swipe at these two leaders for supposed growing authoritarianism... ... The premise of this establishment narrative is that all was salubrious and in US-led..

Putin backpedals on pension reform

In the wake of protests Russian President Vladimir Putin has watered down his pension reform plans. ... Once again Putin has cast as Czar facing the evil boyars. Putin has passed the buck for the disaster on to the population, Echo of Moscow writes with sarcasm.. ..

what motivates vladimir putin?

Vladimir Putin was born four years after the Marshall Plan ended into the world it created. . ... Russia’s power is completely consolidated under Vladimir Putin. In other words, one cannot become rich and powerful in Russia without being in the good graces of Vladimir Putin. . ..

life after putin

Navalny's momentum highlights the bankruptcy of Putin brand. Russian constitution bars Putin from seeking third consecutive term in 2024. ... But this 'collective Putin, as Russians call them, lack direction and rivalries between them intensifying. ..

generation putin

It was time, that early post-Soviet period, before Chechnya, the collapse of the ruble, and President Vladimir Putin's rise to power. ... In Russian, as pokolenie Putina Putin generation.. ..

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