royal websites were ready for queen elizabeth's

The Queen of United Kingdom and many other sovereign nations for seven decades, Elizabeth died at the ripe old age of 96 Balmoral castle according to Buckingham Palace officials. ... After the top royal passes, and the public was not made aware for some time until finally, in..

her royal majesty, queen elizabeth (1926-2022)

Elizabeth was Kenya en route to Australia when the news reached her on February 1952 that her ailing father had died and that she was now queen. ... It was reminder of how much the Queen had seen and participated in, and nonetheless she took on the engagement with aplomb and good..

sovereign law

The Sovereign Prerogative: The Supreme Court and the Quest for Law . by Eugene V. ... Dean Rostow’s The Sovereign Prerogative is a collection of essays on legal topics as apparently unrelated as the doctrine of “judicial restraint” and the government’s security program. ..

supreme court

Anti-Democratic influence on Supreme Court All of us need to be aware of the critical impact of bias on Supreme Court in the US. ... Here's one article https rollcall com 2021 06 23 whitehouse-bolsters-push-to-shine-light-on-dark-money-at-supreme-court. ..

lani guinier: 'quota queen' or misquoted queen?

Another media tactic against Guinier was to dub her a “quota queen,” a phrase first used in a Wall Street Journal op-ed (4/30/93) by Clint Bolick, a Reagan-era Justice Department official. The racially loaded term combines the “welfare queen” stereotype with the dreaded “quota,”..

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