virtual ramadan options for families

Families can still focus on the celebration of Ramadan and Eid with activities like fasting, praying, reading Quran, doing charity acts and joining these virtual options. . ... Easy Ramadan Treat Boxes for Neighbors Ramadan Quarantine Activity Ideas .. ..

hala ramadan 2020

UAE implements preventive and precautionary measures to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and further maintain the health, safety and security of... ..

muslims await bittersweet ramadan

Zulaikha Kamarudin, 27, is one of many Malaysian who will be spending the first few days of Ramadan alone.. ... With MCO being enforced during Ramadan, we will get to perform tarawih at home and we can cook together every day. ..


Muslims in Philippine archipelago have been marking Ramadan since about 1380, when Karim ul Makhdum, Islamic missionary, reached Sulu and brought Islam to Far East... ... Shaharullah Ali Tahir, 40, head of Maranao of in UAE, also pined for pater., staple for Ramadan iftar.. ..

: ramadan – an overview

Many Muslims around the world began fasting on Monday to mark the start of the month of Ramadan. ... While Ramadan is boon for retailers in Middle East and South Asia, critics say the month is becoming commercialised.. ..

security hike for ramadan

WASHINGTON In addition to cooking, praying and decorating, some Muslims around the country have been preparing for the month of Ramadan, in solemn new way active-shooter training.. ... At Dar Hijrah, Northern Virginia mosque where 1,000 people pray every day during the month, leaders have long..

check ramadan 2019 series posters

Check the slideshow and choose yourself which series will turn you into a couch potato this Ramadan season.  . . ... Al Hayba's third season is one of the most anticipated series this Ramadan season (Source: cyrineanour - Instagram) . . . . . . ..

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