study: 'cat whisperers' can read feline faces

The ability to read animals facial expressions is critical to assessment, who led the analysis with Georgia Mason, both of University's Campbell Center for Study of Animal Welfare... ... Post-doctoral researchers Jenna Cheal and Lauren Dawson also worked on the study, the results..

govt needs to read uk vaping study

In, the study found long-term smokers who switched to vaping were halfway towards achieving the health of non-smoker within just month, suggesting that vaping has the potential to reduce heart attack and stroke risk... ..

read me

Read Me . . From Zero Hedge a couple of days ago … assuming it has not been blocked on your ISP – You’re A Sucker If You Don’t Believe The System Is Rigged.  ..

study options

You're one of kind, so why study the degree as everyone else. Take look at the options at ANU and customise your studies, multiply your qualifications, and supercharge your employability... ..

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