biden: ‘not every republican is a maga

Not every Republican is MAGA Republican, Thursday, adding that there are few mainstream Republicans. ... You'd think reducing it, they would have voted for Inflation Reduction Act, and every Republican, House and Senate, every Republican in House, every..

trump republican violence unleashed

/n The truth is that that's largely because of ownership — championed, encouraged, and defended by Republican lawmakers.. ... /n Senator Rick Scott, Republican of Florida, and Representative Lauren Boebert, Republican of Colorado, have drawn comparisons between F.B.I and Nazi..

republican party

The 2018 midterms would be Republican bloodbath, with Senate map promising enormous gains to Republican Party, potentially, Senate majority.. The failure of Republican health-care initiative was moment, when their early, giddy visions of the possibilities of full party control..

two republican parties?

There's the national party, led by Donald Trump Florida and Kevin McCarthy, Republican in House, with Mitch McConnell, Senate leader, toggling between foe ally as the occasion warrants.. ... Lake is leading in polls of the primary, ahead of the favorite of Republican and the community,..

let's go republican!

For Republican National Convention, we created Let's Go Republican brochures, inspired by Let's Go series of travel books and FBI's ways of infiltrating left-wing groups, with tips on how radicals could dress to look like Republicans and then take them on tours of things they might not have..

letter: republican sins

The answer is, it's Republican power grab... Consider this Joseph Goebbels, the minister for Hitler, said. Always accuse your enemies of your own sins., feature of Republican Party leadership... ..

the republican devolution

they must have clear picture of what has gone wrong with Republican Party, and why.. ... Senate's stark and growing rural bias ensures that Republican Party's strength in the chamber will exceed its popular support, and Republican senators will be armed with the filibuster and..

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