every new republican is the most evil republican

According to Democrats, Donald Trump is Hitler or something, and rest assured that Republican to become threat to their dominance will be Hitler2 because of course he will. It's just one of those things that is and cannot be denied the sun rises in the east, Brian Stelter is potato, and every..

the myth of republican obstructionism

CNN's White House John Harwood lays out that history broad strokes on Twitter. for Clinton's 1993 deficit-reduction plan 0 Republican votes. ... Yet, CNN correspondent again seems to have forgotten that Democrats filibustered and blocked Republican coronavirus-relief bills dozens of..

the republican dilemma

Republican establishment may hate Donald Trump, and they would be hard-pressed to deny how effective his policies were, pre-COVID-19. ... This would set the stage for Republican in 2026, assuming the issues and not Trump's are the focus.. ..

a republican nevertrump postmortem

Of all the bizarrerie over the last four years, the Republican NeverTrump (RNT) phenomenon is the strangest. ... And if we do, the Republican NeverTrumpers will go down in history as the collaborators who helped that disaster come to pass. . . . . ..

republican recovery

Republican Party's Shame, The Party of Lincoln went over the cliff like lemmings in support. ... Steven is right that it's next to inconceivable that Republican Party casts off Trumpers, or that Romney-Kasich-Hogan wing spins off into viable new party. ..

republican madness

It's also what lies beneath, like shark the repeated onslaught of lies by Trump and his far-right Republican allies that the president won the election.. ..

the silent republican

The silent Republican | Opinion . Updated 11:28 AM; Today 11:28 AM . . . ... Well, here’s a bulletin for them: The Republican Party no longer exists because you gave it away. ..

senate republican luncheon stakeout

September 15, 2020 Senate Republican Luncheon Stakeout. The Senate Republican leadership spoke to the press about their agenda, of negotiations for additional coronavirus... ... November 7, 2017 Senate Republican Agenda. September 13, 2016 Senate Republican Agenda...

republican moral values

Stephanie Mencimer wrote for Mother Jones in 2012, With Republicans beating the drum about profligate and wasteful government spending, they may want to take hard look at federal program pushed by host of top GOPers during Bush-era and reauthorized late 2010, as Republican craze took hold. ..

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