senate republican agenda

June 11, 2019 Senate Republican Agenda. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Senate Republican leaders spoke to reporters in Capitol following... ... June 12, 2018 Senate Republican Agenda. Following their weekly caucus luncheon, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and..

the loss of republican principle

At noon on August,   Goldwater, Scott, and Rhodes went to White House and informed President that he had lost support among his own Republican colleagues. ... If anything, he is more subservient to Trump than former Republican and Speaker of House Paul Ryan in the first two years of..

cassidy leads republican healthcare reform efforts

United States Senator Bill Cassidy talks with 101.7 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright about his efforts leading Republican party's - and President Trump's - plan to prescription drug costs.. ... All three legislative proposals already have the backing of, Republican, and Democratic lawmakers... ..

californians disapprove of republican tax law

new poll from Public Policy Institute of California finds that 59 percent of registered voters in the state disapprove of the law passed by Republican Congress and signed by President Donald Trump late 2017. ... Thanks to tax reform and pro-growth policies, Americans left behind during Obama..

vermont republican party announces republican

Berlin, VT The Vermont Republican Party is proud to announce that our National Committeeman, Jay Shepard, was re-elected Chair of Northeast Region, will continue to serve as Vice- Chair of Republican National Committee and sit on Executive Committee... ... I am proud to have Jay..

mitch mcconnell, republican nihilist

McConnell came of age in national politics at time of turmoil within Republican Party, as the rise of conservative ideologue Barry Goldwater threatened the long-standing control of the party by its moderate wing. ... I think my in Republican administration, is to achieve as much as I..

the republican president who alienated republicans

where he and his wife moved after getting married, he made name for as speaker and rose Republican Party circles. For Republican strategists seeking candidate to challenge Democratic President Grover Cleveland in the election, however, Harrison had assets that outweighed his stiffness..

preparing for a republican comeback?

As of July, Democratic campaign committees and House members considered the most vulnerable to losing to GOP candidates held significant cash advantage over Republican opponents, according to Federal Election Commission figures. ..

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