trump’s republican voter problem

And still, hundreds of thousands of voters, and 40 percent of Saturday's primary, voted for his opponent, Republican-in-name-only to the cause. ... This is too much of moderate, coalition for Haley to win Republican in the era of Trump. ..

republican showdown in south carolina

Republican showdown in South Carolina . 09:02 . . UP NEXT . . Trump kicks it with sneakerheads to promote $400 gold shoes . 06:13 . . . ... Republican showdown in South Carolina . 09:02 Share this - . . . . copied . . . . . . ..

toward a demotic republican party

My question is prompted by the transformation of Republican Party, discussed in bits in these columns over the years, with the version set out Republican Patrick Ruffini's. ... But the half of the nation, rural and small-town America, with few college grads, trended Republican...

iowa republican caucus results

This post at FrontloadingHQ shows Iowa Republican caucus votes.  Click on any county on the map to see Former President Donald Trump carried every county except Johnson County... Iowa Republican Caucus Results — Comments.. MICH, FOR ELEPHANT DELEGATES. ..

trump wins iowa republican caucuses

The people of Iowa sent Donald Trump will be Republican for President, Alex Pfeiffer, spokesman for Trump's PAC, MAGA Inc., ment.. ... Iowa results are in, and it's Donald Trump is the frontrunner for Republican, Biden fundraising appeal read.. ..

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Republican former President Donald Trump arrives to pizza to fire fighters at Waukee Fire Department Waukee, Iowa, Sunday, Jan 14, 2024... ... Republican former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley speaks during event at The Bread Board Pella, Iowa, Monday, Jan 15, 2024... ..

an honorable republican - angry bear

I've voted for Republican once, and if I lived Vermont, I might vote for Republican Phil Scott. ... Perhaps even more in state where Democrats and independents Republicans four to one is Scott's willingness to buck Republican orthodoxy. ..

phillips wins republican primary

This runs counter to the role that Republican National Committee expects me to play in assuring that Republican Party of Virginia, our 125 subordinate units, and all Virginia Republicans are confident that our nomination processes are conducted in fair and transparent way... At the..

senate republican agenda

Senate Republican Agenda . 199 Views Program ID: . 531178-1 . Category: . ... July 11, 2023 Senate Republican Agenda . Following their weekly caucus luncheon, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other members of Senate Republican… . . . ..

republican party’s ball and chain

To the consternation of GOP, Trump arguably dragged down Republican Party's in the 2018, 2020 and 2022 elections. . To the tired operatives at Republican National Convention, DeSantis is the party's saving grace from the cannon that is Trump's showmanship. . ..