republican stresses roots in rematch

Mastroianni, Republican for the 96th state General Assembly District seat held by Democrat Roland Lemar, came to Iuvone's doorstep to make pitch for his candidacy during afternoon of door-knocking.. ... While canvassing Wooster Square, Mastroianni led with his differences from Lemar, or even the..

republican national convention

I am humbled to be among the likes of Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Chairwoman for Committee on Arrangements Toni Anne Dashiell. ... we celebrate the heroes, rising stars and the generation of Republican women. ..

republican moral values

Stephanie Mencimer wrote for Mother Jones in 2012, With Republicans beating the drum about profligate and wasteful government spending, they may want to take hard look at federal program pushed by host of top GOPers during Bush-era and reauthorized late 2010, as Republican craze took hold. ..

a post-trump republican party

In of President Trump's loss November, there is industry of speculation about the fate of the post- Trump Republican Party. The death knell of Republican Party and of what remains of conservatism might have been Democratic Party's choice of former Joe Biden, not Sen. ..

senate republican luncheon stakeout

August 4, 2020 Senate Republican Leadership News Conference. Senate Republican leadership spoke to the press about the current state of negotiations for additional coronavirus economic aid. ... February 25, 2020 Senate Republican Agenda. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and..

preparing for a republican comeback?

As of July, Democratic campaign committees and House members considered the most vulnerable to losing to GOP candidates held significant cash advantage over Republican opponents, according to Federal Election Commission figures. ..

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