republican nation: save our symbols

My country, their revolution here it came again, supposedly the spawn of Middle America I could not see in my kind, tolerant, working-class Wisconsin cousins, or in my freedom-loving Northwest family, all middle class and raised religious, except none of them this inhumane or this foolhardy... ..

letter: republican party needs rejuvenation

I hope that the proud heritage of Republican Party can recover. What once was the party that freed the slaves, instituted anti-trust laws and protected the great national parks has turned into group of corporate bootlickers and sycophants to caricature of incompetent, corrupt and lying..

senate republican leadership news conference

December 10, 2019 Senate Republican Agenda. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Senate Republican leaders spoke to reporters in Capitol following... June 11, 2019 Senate Republican Agenda. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Senate Republican leaders..

republican moral values

Stephanie Mencimer wrote for Mother Jones in 2012, With Republicans beating the drum about profligate and wasteful government spending, they may want to take hard look at federal program pushed by host of top GOPers during Bush-era and reauthorized late 2010, as Republican craze took hold. ..

what do republican voters want?

based on the data, of Republican politician who could unify the party and be competitive at large, he would combine the spirit and demeanor of Reagan with Trumpian inflections on trade and, especially, immigration. ... The author of The K Street Gang The Rise and Fall of Republican..

shelton republican primary information

SHELTON, CT — Shelton's Republican primary will be held Sept from 6 a.m to 8 p.m as number of candidates vie for spot on November.. Incumbent Board of Education members Anne Gaydos, Mark Holden and Thomas Minotti were not nominated by Republican Town Committee for another term. ..

the loss of republican principle

At noon on August,   Goldwater, Scott, and Rhodes went to White House and informed President that he had lost support among his own Republican colleagues. ... If anything, he is more subservient to Trump than former Republican and Speaker of House Paul Ryan in the first two years of..

letter: republican dealings are duplicitous

Letter Republican dealings are duplicitous... Attorney General William Barr is proving he is nothing and Republican stooge, again. ... Of course, this is OK with Republican leaders who wanted and did investigate Clintons, and now call Democrats witch hunters.. ..

mitch mcconnell, republican nihilist

McConnell came of age in national politics at time of turmoil within Republican Party, as the rise of conservative ideologue Barry Goldwater threatened the long-standing control of the party by its moderate wing. ... I think my in Republican administration, is to achieve as much as I..

republican sheriff backs dem deputy

Her boss, Republican Sheriff Chip Harding, that in his nearly 50 years of service in the justice system, she was in the 5 percent of enforcement supervisors with. ... Lieutenant Mike Wagner with Albemarle County Police Department says he's also in November election, and is not certain whether he..

mysterious republican money

Leach said Unification Church has �infiltrated New Right and the party it wants to control, Republican Party, and infiltrated the media as well.� Leach�s news conference was disrupted when then-college GOP Grover Norquist accused Leach of lying ( Norquist is now prominent Washington with..

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