republican vs. republican: senate seeks to wrest

This sets up Republican-vs.- Republican in the fall, with McConnell taking the point on voicing Senate GOP support for adding Biden's $40 emergency funding request to the stopgap funding bill developed to keep the government open.. ... Senate Democrat caucus held 59 seats, and, with..

what do republican voters really want?

Vivek Ramaswamy had in Republican primary debate. Critics say the comment is dog whistle for racist and sexist voters who oppose the president. ... Alice Stewart - Republican consultant - @alicetweet. Jacob Ware - Research fellow, Council on Foreign Relations - @alicetweet... ..

trump surrender to overshadow republican debate

The favorite for Republican nomination is accused of leading a criminal enterprise to cling to power one of four criminal cases targeting him as he bids to return to White House.. ... With it looking like the election will be all about Trump and his crimes, and his supporters backing MAGA..

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