republican lawmaker resigns, rebalances

Posted inTown News Republican Lawmaker Resigns, Rebalances . February 17, 2021, 8:52 pm . . . . JP Sredzinski (Courtesy of the Republican Caucus website) Rep. JP Sredzinski who represents Monroe and Newtown resigned Wednesday citing the need for a life and work rebalancing.  . ..

republican covid relief proposal details

Republican group's proposal focuses on the health effects rather than its economic toll, tapping into urgency to shore up the distribution expanding virus testing with $160 in aid. ... The problem with Republican proposal is not that their leadership ca not be trusted It's that their..

house republican conference meeting stakeout

March 3, 2020 House Republican Leadership News Conference. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, flanked by six House committee chairs, including Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff and Judiciary... December 17, 2019 House Republican News Conference. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other House..

senate republican acknowledges biden's win

US President-elect Joe Biden has talked with Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, saying they have agreed to meet soon, after the lawmaker ended his silence on the results of the election held six weeks ago. ... Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are facing..

republican recovery

Republican Party's Shame, The Party of Lincoln went over the cliff like lemmings in support. ... Steven is right that it's next to inconceivable that Republican Party casts off Trumpers, or that Romney-Kasich-Hogan wing spins off into viable new party. ..

the silent republican

The silent Republican | Opinion . Updated 11:28 AM; Today 11:28 AM . . . ... Well, here’s a bulletin for them: The Republican Party no longer exists because you gave it away. ..

republican moral values

Stephanie Mencimer wrote for Mother Jones in 2012, With Republicans beating the drum about profligate and wasteful government spending, they may want to take hard look at federal program pushed by host of top GOPers during Bush-era and reauthorized late 2010, as Republican craze took hold. ..

preparing for a republican comeback?

As of July, Democratic campaign committees and House members considered the most vulnerable to losing to GOP candidates held significant cash advantage over Republican opponents, according to Federal Election Commission figures. ..

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