republicans vs. screaming anchors

Tapper proclaimed on Sunday that no Republican Senate or House leaders would appear on his show 'State of Union to defend Trump, Calderone wrote. Tapper told Calderone that he does not think it should be controversial to say 'using your office to push foreign nations to dig up dirt on your..

republicans, the time has come

He reflects the Republican worldview. . . If Senate Republicans did move forward with impeachment of President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence would ascend to the presidency. ... He reflects the Republican worldview. . . If Senate Republicans did move forward with..

fascism & #fake republicans

There used to be Republicans like Abraham Lincoln who sought to unify the country, Teddy Roosevelt. ... We may not get another chance, Mitch McConnell, plant based meat, plastics, republican party, Republicans, us politics... ..

the republicans' civil war

Rove is one of the more which locates Trump's ascendancy amid in Republican Party. ... By the impatient brawlers of the While Tea Party-adjacent Republicans like Eric Cantor and John Boehner were pushed out House Freedom Caucus, certain old-guard figures have since seized on what they..

tomorrow’s republicans today

Longtime readers know that I’ve been down on the Republican Party for years. ... I almost always vote Republican in national elections, not with any enthusiasm, but because on the issues I care about most — abortion, religious liberty, and various “social” concerns — the..

republicans stage march after murder

IRA volunteer who shot Lyra McKee marched on the streets of Dublin within 48 hours of her murder. https www independent ie irish-news politics republicans-stage-march-after-murder-38035393.html https www independent ie incoming article38035073.ece 07fe6 AUTOCROP h342 II%20TG%20SAORADH%2016.jpg... ..

eagle county republicans’ chairwoman honored

The Eagle County Republican Executive Committee traveled to Denver on March 29-30 for the organization meetings that are held in every odd numbered year. ... In highlight on March 29, Kaye Ferry, chair of Eagle County Republicans, was inducted into Colorado Republican Hall of..

thank you, republicans!

Thank You, Republicans! . . We�ve wondered how bad the Mueller report is for your �pResident� � and thanks to your reaction to it, we now know it�s damned fuckin� bad! ... Nuthin� says sumthin� like a Republican saying don�t look here! to know exactly what needs to be..

magellan poll of republicans

He added that the notion that illegal immigrants are behind Republican losses at the ballot box coincides with another assumption the pollsters heard from Republican voters, that the media is somehow suppressing the real story... ... The way to win Republican primary is to hug..

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