republicans vs. the baizuocracy

Well, one of the great unveilings of recent years for conservatives has been the defection of the consultant class Republicans to things like The Bulwark and Lincoln Project, to uphold. ... Youngkin's victory shows that Republicans can run against wokeness, get smeared as racist by the..

college republicans diversify

., Republican Party has become associated with Trump administration. Trump often gets associated with Republican Party, said Haley Christiansen, Vice President and CSB first-year student.. ... The event was co-sponsored by McCarthy Center, Turning Point USA and College..

2022 looking good for republicans

Pictured are two pillows bearing likenesses of Republican and Democrat party animals .. ... By the political atmospherics being created by their, Given that Republicans need to pick up only five seats in 2022 to regain control of House, Democrats. ..

most southern republicans support seceding

YouGov survey conducted on behalf of watchdog group finds that 66% of Republicans living in South say they'd support seceding from United States to join union with other Southern states... Secession is gaining support among Southern Republicans back January and February, 50% said they'd..

afghan refugee issue dividing republicans

number of Republicans questioning why U.S should take Afghan citizens who worked side by side with Americans ( Staff Sgt. ... Neil Newhouse, Republican pollster, said the rhetoric reflects general, overall increase in concern in the country over the risk of terrorist threats and year or..

republicans pick proto

Republican Party Convention The Connecticut Republican Party has selected Stratford attorney and political operative, Ben Proto, as it's next chairman. . ... Republicans have not held congressional seat Connecticut since 2006 and have not held the in General Assembly in..

republicans at a crossroads

Too many of GOP Congress are too young to remember when the responsbility of Republican legislator was not investigating Hillary Clinton.. ... During campaign, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had choice disavow campaign lose Republican seat, or welcome her into his caucus and try..

biden’s outreach to republicans

The day, Collins and nine fellow Republicans found themselves in Oval Office for discussion that ran one hour, and then two.. ... As many have observed, Biden is throwback to era when cordiality between Republicans and Democrats was not as rare as it's today.. ..

republicans hide behind constitution

The verdict underscored Donald Trump's incomparable cult-like hold on Republican Party, which stabbed the majority of Americans. ... Those Republicans who bow to disgraced former president, afraid they will lose the million people. ..

test of the republicans

But Trump's chances of impeachment by Senate received serious jolt on January 26, when 45 Republican senators tried to dismiss the impeachment trial before it could even begin.. ... Then 197 House Republicans voted against the impeachment motion in House of Representatives and now..

‘you lie’ republicans!

In all the footage of what took place inside and outside Capitol, while representatives including Pence were ushered out of the chamber fearing for their lives, Republicans are still calling it peaceful protest. ..

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