Putin blames West, NATO for Ukraine Victory Day speech. 30 am June 4, 2018. 30 am February 16, 2016. 30 am May 16, 2018. 30 am February 25, 2019. ..

russia - russia-ukraine crisis:

Zelensky added that further tightening of sanctions on Russia to include oil supplies to Europe were only likely to take place if Russia makes use of chemical weapons in its war effort. . ... Meanwhile, the G7 rejected Russia's demand for gas payment in rubles. . . . . . ..


Since seizing Crimea in 2014, Putin's Russia has sought to sanctions-proof its economy. By virtue of geography, culture and politics, Ukraine lies between Russia and West. ..


Michael Kofman talked about the potential for conflict between Russia and Ukraine and implications for U.S and NATO.. ... Topics included tensions between Russia and Ukraine, Russia's relations with China, North Korea's nuclear program, and Iran. 426 views.. ..


I've heard that Vladimir Putin's saber-rattling at Ukraine is about pipelines, or it's about wanting to put Soviet Union back together, or it's about wanting to break up NATO, or get rid of U.S influence Europe, or maybe Putin just wants attention. ... The truth, is that several of..

nato offers russia meeting — rt russia & former

Speaking on Wednesday NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the organization champions what we call the dual track approach to Russia, defense and also dialogue..  . ... Stoltenberg has expressed regret that meeting of NATO- Russia Council has not been held for 18 months,..


The country is hurting and stagnant it has no sense of purpose or goals and Russia is in the hands of dictator. Of course, Russia's rulers are weaker, less ambitious, far less well armed, and anti-American. ..

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