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Russia's on Friday accused Polish resistance movement that staged Warsaw uprising of 1944 of destroying Jews, Moscow's with Poland over WWII history. Russia's acting Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday urged Iran and United States to wind down tensions after Iranian forces downed..

turkey - russia

Turkey, Russia in talks as violence swells Syria.. view... Russia hoping for new S-400 missile with Turkey.. view... ... Turkey will not step back from Russia arms deal.. view... Erdogan defends Russia defence deal.. view... ..

russia & central asia

Meet the puppy found Russia's permafrost. Discovered last in lump of frozen mud, the puppy is well-preserved, with hair, teeth and whiskers still intact... ..

russia probe archives

John Durham, the prosecutor picked by Attorney General William Barr to scrutinize how U.S agencies investigated President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, could not offer evidence to Justice Department's inspector general to support the suspicions of some conservatives that the case was setup by U.S..

russia on macrumors

The development follows last week's news that Russia's regulator had filed legal proceedings to block the in the country because the company refused to enable state security services to access users messages. ..

israel-russia - news

US envoy to Syria expresses Russia will continue permissive approach to Israeli air strikes on Iranian assets Syria. ... Despite outward appearances, Russia understands and respects Israeli 'red lines on Iran, Syria, FM says. ..


Last in United Nations Security Council, Russia and China blocked resolution that would have demanded end to fighting in Syrian of Idlib, the stronghold of the opposition. ... Helsinki Summit, as it was dubbed, saw US President Donald Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin come together with..

architecture from russia

Image Courtesy of PYXID UNStudio has won the competition to design the world's first cross-border car to carry passengers across Amur River connecting Russia and China. ... Sited in Republic of Sakha, the design is part of the largest in the world with territory of more than million square..

russia today

On Russia, America, childcare, TV, protest, and sexuality. Or who slipping weirdly shit into articles about culture, and raised the questioner as in her next article questioning #MeToo movement month later, out that she was trans while attacking her.. ..


treaty agreed in the twilight of Cold War has been declared dead by Russia and the US, raising.. ... By tomorrow raising fears of new arms, The United States will withdraw from treaty with Russia.. ..

russia – amanpour

They are tiny neighbors to giant, increasingly aggressive, Russia.. Even as the interview came to air there was news of Lithuanian fighter jets having to scramble to intercept Russia fighter jets that flew close to Baltic air space... ..

"russia, russia, investigation..." triggers furious

That's all you heard at the beginning of this Witch Hunt Hoax, ” Trump tweeted, in outburst against Special Counsel Mueller President Donald Trump acknowledged for the time on Thursday that Moscow helped him win White House in 2016 - before retracting to launch fiery attack on Robert Mueller and..

trump and russia

Russia's priority appears to have been the lifting of sanctions and international recognition of the annexation of Crimea. . ... bid by Trump to realign the powers of China, Russia and the US may be unrealistic. ..

germans like russia

And guess who came up with the scoop none other than The New York Times, the paper that first that there was no famine in Soviet Union back in the 1930s.. ..

russia and germany

It began in Middle Ages, when Hanseatic towns produced the first signs of Russia and brought her into the orbit of European trade. The same towns introduced their own democratic conceptions to western Russia. ..

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